Age Group Zones - Need your help!


As you are aware, I am the Age Group Chair for South Texas Swimming for the next two years.  Part of the duties as STX AG Chair, is that I have the pleasure of organizing, planning, and participating in Age Group Zones Championships at the end of the summer.  AG Zones will be held in Midland, Texas this year, at their incredible 7 pool facility.  We will be traveling from Monday, July 30 - Sunday August 5. 
With that being said, I have been accepting applications for both Athletes and Coaches to attend AG Zones for over a month now.  The deadline to apply is June 1.
I am in great need of more athlete AND coach applicants.  I am short athlete applicants in all age groups but particularly the 15-18 both girls and boys.  Please have your athletes apply even if they feel that they do not qualify.  The selection process for AG Zones is done by the selected coach for a particular gender/age group gets to select their own team from the applicants.
I am also in need of coaches.  I need to select 6 coaches to attend with me to AG Zones.  One for each gender/age group.  11-12, 13-14, 15-18.  
The trip is a fun way for the coaches and athletes to finish off the Long Course season.  And it is a Championship Meet with athletes attending from all over the southern United States.  Teams from Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, and of course Texas.  
All athletes and coaches are FULL Outfitted for the week.
Thanks for you attention,
Look forward to seeing more applications.
Bill Spurgeon
STX Age Group Chair