May 21st Mojo

Happy Aquathon Week Monday Waterdevils!

We have a very busy week this week, so please take the time to read this message carefully and completely…

  • First off, congratulations to the entire team for an outstanding effort on Saturday. The Seals are one of the top teams in the league and we did an amazing job against them. The Seals’ head coach even commented that he was very impressed with us as it was their most challenging meet of the season. There were lots of highlights and great times, but a special nod goes out to Max Manwaring-Mueller who broke the pool record in 15-18 breaststroke and to Max, Reece Foehr, Taylor Boyle, and Olivia Juarez for setting the 15-18 free relay team record. It was a great way to end the day.
  • Please check your Waterdevils parka, on Saturday Ava Marin lost hers during the meet and she is hoping everyone will check to see if maybe hers was picked up by accident. The tag says “Marin”, but the actual jacket is not embroidered.
  • Great job by our Swimmers of the Week from last week:
    • 8&U: Connor, Mia, Hailey, Chris
    • 9-11: Lily, Gianna, Ariel, and Cayden
    • 11&Up: Stella, Audrey, and Olivia

Now for this week’s schedule…

  • Monday--regularly scheduled practice
  • Tuesday and Wednesday is the Aquathon, please choose only one of those days to come down and swim laps during your regular practice time. Please arrive early so you are ready to start right on time. We also recommend you bring a water bottle to have at the end of your lane. Be sure to get your family, neighbors, friends, support you in the Aquathon so you can win the cool prizes available.
  • Thursday is a regularly scheduled practice day, but it will be “Fun Thursday”
  • Friday and Monday the 28th there is no practice due to the holiday weekend.

We need lap counters for the Aquathon on Tuesday and Wednesday, so any older swimmers who might be available to donate their time should talk to the coaches today at practice. Or you can email the coaches as well.

Please commit/decline your swimmers for the Orcas meet on June 2nd. Coach Chris will start creating the lineup this week due to the short week next week. It looks like it should be a very competitive meet, so let's get everyone there to show our Waterdevil strength.

See you at the pool!

Chris, Kent, and Barb