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KAJ Swim Meet:

It was the first meet on a May Long Weekend that I can remember (And the last after speaking with the organizers), but for the 11 swimmers who took part, were treated to a performance by Olympian Kierra Smith, who swam 6 events over the weekend. 

Taylor Smith had the rare opportunity to race beside Kierra Smith, not once, but twice in the 200 breaststroke.  She didn't take my advice by trying to psych out her Olympic opponent by roaring in her face behind the blocks.  Use those Jedi mind tricks!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Taryn Weatherhead for making her 2nd Tier 1 time in the 100 fly in Orca Record 1:32.28!!  She will be joining the other 4 swimmers in Kelowna for Provincials at the end of June.

Gavin Rogalsky came so close (not once, but twice) to achieving his Tier 1 time in the 200 IM.  He was within 1 second of attaining his provincial standard.  It will be even sweeter when he does achieve it.

Also breaking club records: Brooklyn Parliament (bettering her sister's 50 fly club record in a time of 30.36) and Holden Berrisford who bettered his own 400 IM record.  Dezi Ducheck added the 400 Fr club record to his resume as well as improving on five other records.

Best times were had by all the other swimmers: Phoebe Chalmers, Peter Kunka, Jonas Mengr.  The biggest time drops were had by Jessica Thiede who took off a combined 63 seconds of improvement (hey Jess when was the last time you swam 200 free and 50 fly?!).

For a long weekend when everybody else is camping (ughh!) I thought these Orca swimmers came to race!

Regional Champs in Salmon Arm

We have a 17 swimmer strong team heading up to Salmon Arm this weekend for the Regional Champs!!  The meet format was updated to include some Stage 4 swimmers, so we will have a diverse group looking to improve on their third place finish at the same meet in February.

Last Day of Swimming:

I can't believe it's here already...

Last day of swimming for Regional and MultiSport Groups is Thursday May 31st.  

Last day of swimming for Age Group is June 29th.  Age Group swimmers who haven't qualified for Tier Provincials are encouraged to keep swimming in June even if they do not have a meet.  

Tier 1 and 2 Qualifiers:

Will be swimming in a combined group with Delano as the coach beginning June 1st (Actually June 4th, since Maddie or Jane will be coaching June 1st when I am at Kamloops)

SCHEDULE for all June swimmers:

Monday - Friday 4:30-6:30PM (Regional Kids: notice start times) 

Mon/Wed/Fri 6:30-7:45AM (Age Group 2 Athletes only -- unless you have arrangement with coach)


Coach/Parent Meeting regarding 2018-19 Season

May 31st 6:00-6:30 Summerland Pool Board Room. 

On the last day of swimming for most athletes, I will be hosting a 2018-19 Orca Orientation.  Mainly discussing group placement for 2018-19 season.  We will have the biggest competitive group going into next year, with many young swimmers.  Come and ask your questions and give suggestions.

Info online. 



June 8th 6:00-??? (when the dancing stops)

Summerland Banquet Hall above Arena.

The banquet deadline is May 27th for tickets.  Tickets sold online.  

You won't want to miss this hot ticket!  And if you need more incentives: Swim-a-thon prizes and Club Trophies awarded at event, and winners will need to give a short 30 second acceptance speech!!