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David Douglas Sextathlon Meet

It is always a fun meet at the David Douglas Sextathlon, and last weekend was no exception. The swimmers really step it up and race for those coveted trophies! There were so many fantastic swims! Congratulations to all of the swimmers who participated!

Our THSC Trophy winners:

8-U Girls: Naima Atay(1st), Saranya Sistla(5th), Mila Salove(10th), Miriam Stahlmann(12th)

8-U Boys: Yuyoun Choi(1st), Takeru Kodajima (2nd), Benji Wilkinson (3rd), Aiden McArthur (6th), Will Lee (8th)

9-10 Girls: Jami Lee (1st), Evelyn Park (6th), Min Suh Park (8th)

9-10 Boys: David Romashenko (1st), Luca Ignatescu (2nd), Julien Lee (4th), Suiyao Li (8th), Hee Ro Lim (9th), Ilyan Manriquez (10th), Colin  Yang(11th)

11-12 Girls: Mia Saavedra (2nd), Jazzy Chon (7th), Kristan Cho (8th), Alice Makerenko (9th), Saachi Parikh (10th), Eva Maya (11th), Earlie Sterling (12th)

11-12 Boys: Luke Chang (3rd), Sebastian Cordova (5th), Ojas Nimase (7th), Nick Braun (9th), Carson Rotter (10th)

13-14 Boys: Lucas Gomes (12th)

One of the exciting things at this meet is the innertube relays that happen after all of the individual racing is over. Here are a few pictures from that.

The weather was great but even when it isn't the swimmers have fun setting up tents outside and hanging with their friends.