IMPORTANT! Please Read!

Flyer Families,

This is it!! 4 days until practice starts!!

  1. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!: This year, the NVSL is requiring that “All athletes/parents on the roster will complete, submit and sign the athlete’s “Participation Waiver” priorto their first swim practice or meet.” That includes Mini team swimmers. This is not negotiable, and I need to “be able to forward a copy of the NVSL Participation Waiver from any of the participants on my team at the request of the NVSL Board.”

I have attached the waiver, which you can turn in one of three ways: 1. sign, scan, and email back to me, 2. hand it in to any of the coaches so they can mark the roster as received, 3. Turn in to the lifeguards at the desk to be placed in the swim team folder.


            -Thank you for your cooperation with this!!


  1. Don’t forget to order your Spirit Wear!! Don’t be like me and keep putting it off. Then, you realize that the deadline has passed and your swimmer ends up being the ONLY ONE without a t-shirt J or hoodie (insert sound of devastated crying child here)!!  The deadline is Tuesday, June 5 @ 11:59pm. I made sure we have adult sizes in the T-shirts this year, since there were parents interested in having T-shirts last year. Remember: NO t-shirts are provided for free this year.


  1. Updates to Team Website:

-I updated the meet times on the sign-up and handbook to reflect that the meets actually START at 9am, not 8am. The swimmers are expected at the pool for home meets at 0800, though. 

-I have also updated the Monday night meet declarations to include the strokes. It is best to wait to sign up for specific strokes AFTER the previous Saturday meet due to the restrictions. Please do not go in and sign up now for every stroke on every Monday night meet. That will require a lot of extra work every Sunday to clean up the declarations. Thank you.

-For those of you that exported your volunteer sign-up to Excel, you may have noticed an issue with the times that displayed. There is a coding error with TeamUnify that is converting the job times to Pacific Standard Time (3 hours behind). They are working on it. Please do not show up at 5:30am for a Saturday meet!! You will be alone! In the dark!


  1. Turning in a check does not register your swimmers. You must select Registration on the team site and complete the entire registration. This must be done, plus have the Participation Waiver and checks turned in PRIOR to swimmers attending practice!

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions, concerns, or suggestions! My email is always open!

Let’s Go Flyers!!

Susan Weatherbee

Team Rep