CSI 2018 Day 2 Results

27 May 2018 (Repsol Sports Centre, Calgary) - Day 2 in the books and check this out - 27 meet records; 1 Alberta Age Group Provincial Record; and 48 out of the 93 event winning times in 2008 were faster than the times it took to win last year in 2017. Pretty impressive stats after two days of racing if we do say so ourselves. What did Cascade accomplish on the night?

Our first race of the night was the Marquee 50m freestyle - Cascade had Alexandra Butler make it through the first couple of rounds of the event which was a great showing for her. Butler was down in and around her best time in the finals and her right on it as well. The Marquee event is speed, endurances, guts, fortitude and determination all rolled up into one 7x50m race with the swimmers having to compete in a 50 every two minutes. The winner this year, Ana Kolaric, from the Calgary Patriots, swept (won) all seven of the 50m races.

The first regular race of the night was the 200IM and Cole Pratt won his event in 2:06.60. Teammates Mathieu Cyr and Kian Pratt followed in second and third making it the first podium sweep for Cascade on the weekend. Cyr was 2:16.09 while Kian was 2:19.00.

Back to back swims for Cole meant he was up for the 50m freestyle looking to qualify for Sunday’s boy’s Marquee 50m free. Entrance into the Marquee comes from only the “A” finals so anyone any age can get into the race. Pratt won his 50m event in a best time of 24.30 breaking the meet record from four years ago. Sebastian Cariaga was in for the bronze in 26.18 - a personal best as well.

The 200m backstroke was a strong showing for Addison Butler. Butler, who had to have six stitches put into his knee to sew it all back together again on Thursday last week, had to pick and choose his events wisely so that he didn’t re-open his wound. Addison put a strong swim down with a 2:31.79 gold medal win.

Adam Connell followed up Butler’s win with a victory of his own after swimming a 2:28 in prelims Connell went out hard and got into a good race with the swimmer from Regina - the two of them both finishing in 2:25. Connell taking the win in 2:25.03.

Podium sweeps are a rare commodity in these parts but in the 15 year-old boys category they seem to be popping up with some regularity! Mathieu Cyr, Sebastian Cariaga & Kian Pratt did that in the boys 200m backstroke going 1-2-3 in 2:13.05, 2:17.89 and 2:19.77 respectively. Cyr, who took gold, beat the old meet record set last summer of 2:13.56.

Sebastian Somerset and his teammates helped complete the next trifecta making it a trinity trifecta (the third trifecta of the night) when they took the boys 16&O category in 2:09.24, 2:13.62 and 2:15.27. Stephen Hou (the previous record holder for boys 15 years-old) took silver and Laird Douglas grabbed bonze. Somerset swam three descending 50’s after the start going 33.70, 33.03 and then 32.07 on the end to take the win. The meet is part of Sebastian’s preparation into Mel Zajac next weekend where he will be up against some of the best in the world including American’s Ryan Lochte and Caleb Dressel.

Devon Angus, who had some family enjoying the exclusive box seats (air conditioning, snacks and drinks all provided) after out bidding everyone else at the auction - best prize ever, had a great go in the 100m freestyle event. Out in 29.9 at the 50 and then back in 32.7 she won the race in a 1:02.72.

Win our 200m breaststroke race for the girls - Isabelle Roth was hot off the gun heading out in a 36.6 first 50m which was more than a full-second up on everyone else in the heat. She backed that up with a 40, 41 and then 42 second split to go 2:41.81 and beat her own winning time from the same event last year.

In the 100m butterfly Youssef Maksoud who has been putting up some pretty impressive swims all weekend long finally locked down the win here in the 400m freestyle event. Maksoud split 1:00.5, 1:04.3, 1:05.1, 1:04.6 for his 4:14.57 win.

The last event of the night was the 4x50m (200m) free relays and there was excitement all over the place for this one - plenty of close calls, touches and great drops in time from all of our relays. The boys 15&O provided some of the most excitement with their race up agains the senior men’s team from the university of Calgary swim club. Our boys, competing in the 15-17 category, were led out by Sebastian Somerset in 24.64. Adrian Gramatke backed that up with a solid 24.18 split which led to Cole Pratt hitting out a 23.65 swim on the third leg. It came down the anchor leg as after three swimmers the two teams were only separated by 1/100th of second. Stephen Hou was given anchor duties for the team and dropped a 24.00 split to break the meet record in 1:36.47! The time gave the meet, and Cascade, the second Alberta Provincial record of the weekend - taking down the old mark of 1:37.20 set three year’s ago by UCSC.

Other Cascade Podium Finishes

200 IM Dawson Sheehan silver 2:29.14

Caleb Gaine bronze 2:31.82

50 Free Addison Butler silver 26.90

Dawson Sheehan bronze 27.19

50 Back Ella Varga silver 31.35

Payton Kelly bronze 31.57

50 Fly Andres Isturiz silver 31.19

Youssef Maksoud bronze 25.91

100 Br Dawson Sheehan bronze 1:18.05

Isaac Milne bronze 1:20.08

Marthieu Cyr silver 1:12.21

Matthew Ketchin bronze 1:11.00

800 Free Corah Wilson silver 10:18.39

400 Free Adam Connell silver 4:30.50

4x50 FR Girls 11-12 silver 2:01.03

Devon Angus 29.12

Hannah Auch 30.54

Corah Wilson 30.67

Helena Moore 31.54

Boys 11-12 silver 2:12.09

Max Angus 29.16

Victor Jerkovic 31.65

Kale Brown 35.50

Hazem Eldelebshany 34.10

Boys 13-14 silver 1:47.94

Dawson Sheehan 27.28

Kaethen Hill 26.94

Isaac Milne 26.79

Addison Butler 26.93

Check out the links below for live action all weekend long where results and streaming are posted.

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