Summer Swim Season 2018

Good evening!  This notification contains much information for the start of the Lancer season.  Please read to the end to get all of the updated news.  On Tuesday we will begin practices at the Lake Ridge Swim club (corner of Harbor and Old Bridge Road.  Practice times are below and are in effect through June 8th.  During these times the shallow end of the pool will be open to club patrons and swim team familiies for use.

8 and under:  4:45-5:50

9-10: 5:15-6:05

11-12: 5:45-6:50
13-18: 6:30-7:45

Lancer Round Table: Coach Kristen and our coaching staff are excited to kick off another Lancer season! While they are working hard with our swimmers in the water and in team meeetings, parents are encouraged to stop by the Lancer Round Table with any questions and notes about missing practice to the Lancer Lady (Lacey Yoho).  I will be on deck during most pratices to answer questions or take notes for Coach Kristen.  Please do not email coach Kristen directly as she is unable to respond to all 75 Lancer families.  

Inclement Weather:  It is typical during the first days of the swimseason to have pop up storms. We will notify by email and on Facebook of any practice cancellations.  It is possible that one age group will be cancelled and the next will still swim.  Please check for an email on the way to practice if the weather seems questionable.

Team Suit: We will be fitting swimmers for the team suit on June 2 at the Lake Ridge Swim Club from 9am-noon.  If you cannot make this fitting, suits will be available for order online from our apparel store after June 2.  There is a link at the bottom of the Lancer website to our spirit wear store.  All swimmers are strongly encouraged to purchase the team suit.

 Swim Cap:  for swim meets all Lancers are expected to wear a Lancer swim cap.  Caps keep hair out of the swimmer’s face, and also help coaches to identify swimmers when we are competing against other teams.  Caps are available for purchase on deck from our Lancer apparel mom, Diana Ross.

 Competition goggles:  Though speedo goggles are available at Costco and Target, these are typically not competition goggles.  Your swimmer will need a good pair of racing goggles.  We recommend Speedo Vanquisher goggles.  They are available from Swim Outlet or amazon.  A Limited selection will also be available from our team apparel mom on deck during practices.

  Swim Fins:  Beginning with morning swim practices, all swimmers will need a set of swim fins.  These fit according to shoe size and can be ordered from Amazon or Swim Outlet.  Feel free to ask other swimmers on deck to try theirs on to get a good fit before you order.

  Water bottle marked with swimmer’s name:  should be brought to each practice and kept at the top of their lane.

  • Mark your calendar:  Swim season runs from Tuesday, May 29 through Sunday, July29th.  SSwim meets run every Saturday beginning on June 9 and concluding July 28th.  The Lancer awards ceremony will be held on the afternoon of Sunday, July 30th.  On the Fridays preceding home swim meets, we will meet to set the pool for the swim meet at 7:00pm.  
  • Parents are asked to participate in swim meets by volunteering. Many hands make light work.  Volunteers needed for Time Trials. Swim meets are run by volunteers. All families are expected to
    volunteer during the meets. Time Trials are on Saturday June 9 and the volunteer sign up is open. All families should sign up for 1-2 shifts. Some families are already contributing by serving as officials and permanent heads of sections (head timer, head scorer, head clerk of course, etc), so all the other families are needed to sign up. This is an excellent opportunity to learn a position if you are new to the team, or learn a new position if you are a veteran of the team. Time trials provide a real meet environment without the pressure of hosting another team. We will give you friendly, patient, on the job training without the time pressure of a real meet. On the Lancer home page, click on the “Events and Functions” tab, then click on the “Job Signup” button. Click on a square under the job you want and the click on the green ‘Sign up’ button. Enter the name of the person who will be volunteering.
    Timer uses stopwatch to time a swimmer.
    Recorder writes down the 3 times for each swimmer.
    Scorer determines the official time using the 3 recorded times.
    Verifier checks the computer entry of the official time.
    Card Runner collects time cards from recorders and delivers the to scorers.
    8 and under card runner assists card runners during shorter events.
    Computer operator enters official times into program and prints results
    Meet Marshal keeps spectators out of “swimmer only” areas.
    Clerk of Course lines swimmers up for their events.
    Water runner hands out water bottles to volunteers of both teams.
  • Commit your swimmers to swim meets:  In order for our coaches to know when you will be at swim meets, we need you to “commit” your swimmers.  Go to the Lancer webpage and scroll to the bottom.  In the right hand corner, click on the Events tab and you will see a list of out swim meets.  Please “accept” or “decline” your swimmer for each of the meets listed for the season (total of 7). 

Looking forward to a great 2018 swim season!!!  See you on deck.

Lacey Yoho / "Lancer Lady"