CCA Swimmers at Catch the Spirit Camp!

CCA Swimmers at Catch the Spirit Camp!


USA Swimming’s Catch the Spirit Camp was held on April 29th, 2018 was designed to provide an educational experience for the swimmers in Sierra Nevada Swimming and build a stronger foundation for our Athletes and the LSC. This will be done through opportunity, observation, communication and motivation from the selected coaching Staff (as instructed from USA Swimming.) Catch the Spirit Camp provided a carefully orchestrated program provided from USA Swimming with video, water instruction, and class room instruction. Sierra Nevada Swimming is pleased to partner this camp with SwimLabs Swim School! Athletes spent either a morning or afternoon session at SwimLabs in El Dorado Hills. The unique session will provide instant video feedback that transforms swim instruction. Parents and coaches have access to the videos for each participant following the camp. Additional classroom and pool sessions were held at the Folsom Aquatic Center.