Team Unify Billing Update


First of all, thank you to all the families that put in their billing information.


To those of you that did not, now is the LAST CALL!  You will be charged $25.00 per meet for handling fees for having to bill out by hand.  Log in, go to set up billing, add you cc NOW!!!


Secondly, thank you for putting up with us having to work through a new system.


Good news!  You will no longer see “billing has not been set up” notice. 


Invoices get charged as we bill the meets. You will get a notice that you were charged. They will actually get posted to your account once a month at the beginning of the month.


To see your invoices:

  • Log into Team Unify
  • Click on MY ACCOUNT
  • MY invoice/payment

You will see all your information there.


Thank you again! 


Jo Ann