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Inclement Weather Procedures

The weather forecast has chances of thunderstorms in the evenings for the remainder of the week. Please be aware of our procedures and protocol if we need to cancel or delay practices due to storms. We must follow the guidance of the Lifeguards at the Wellington pool and rely on their judgment for when we have to clear the pool and the pool deck and when we may re-enter the water. Please keep in mind, we DO practice in the rain as long as there is not ligtning/thunder.

In the event of a cancelation or delay, the Coaching staff will first send out a Text message alert. Please be certain you have settings correct in your family account to receive these messages per the directions HERE on the SMS for Text Alerts page under the Parents tab.

Second, we use Twitter to send a message which automatically posts to Facebook and the home page of our website. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, to see these messages without having to check the website. Please do not rely on email messages as we use this as a last level of communication.

MOST IMPORTANTLY-because weather may move quickly it is important that Parents/Families ALWAYS have a plan with their swimmers if they need to leave practice before the scheduled end time. When the pool is closed, we have to clear the deck as quickly as possible. This means kids out in the parking lot-not always the safest place, especially in a deluge. Coaches will wait with swimmers, but families need to be able to respond quickly.

We do our best to decide on practice cancelations and send out notification as quickly and early as possible, but unfortunately, you may show up to the pool just in time to find practice was canceled or delayed. Before school is out, evening practices are our only option for pool time, so we want to get as much pool time as possible the first three weeks!