2018 What's New

What’s New Wahoo’s!

Welcome to the 2018 Summer Swim Season!!!

We are so excited to welcome back our seasoned Swimming Families and extend a warm welcome to the new Wahoo Families!!!

Your Team Leadership has been working over the winter and spring to prepare for an awesome Summer Swim Season.

We are excited that our coaches from last year, Kathy Capron and Emma Sigler, are returning as our Co-Head Coaches!

So, What’s NEW ? Here is a short summary:

  • We have a new team uniform vendor:

Time Out for Sports (


And a new swim suit design! Our vendor has a store in Nottingham, MD (close to Towson), so families can go throughout the summer if any additional swim equipment is needed.


  • Any volunteer who goes through the Stroke and Turn Judge Training will get credit of 1 hour towards the total 9-hour volunteer commitment.


  • Any family that completes more than 9 hours of volunteer time, will not only get their Volunteer Fee refunded, but will earn $10 per hour for each hour over!



  • We will have Terrific Thursdays each week once we move to morning practices! Annie Foster will be coordinating our fun days for the swimmers!


  • Our Team Handbook has been updated for 2018! Please take the time to look at the Handbook on our website.



  • We have three practice groups – Prep Team, Junior Team and Senior Team. For the first couple of weeks, swimmers are assigned to practice groups by age. Prep Team will be ages 7 and under; Junior Team will be ages 8 to 11 and Senior Team will be ages 12 and older. Once we move to morning practices, our Coaches may reassign swimmers to a different practice group based on age and ability. Families may discuss practice group placement with coaches, (i.e. siblings practicing during the same practice time) on a case by case basis.



  • We will have a “Timer Clinic” during one of the evening practices to give new family members a chance to “practice being a timer” before Time Trials! More details to come in the future!


  • All swimmers will be required to pass a “test” by Time Trials- it can be found on page 8 of the updated Handbook. The “test” is:

“All swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool without touching the lane lines, walls or push off the bottom by Time Trials. If a swimmer cannot swim one length of the pool, their registration fees will be refunded, and the swimmer will no longer practice with the Team for the season. The Swimmer is encouraged to try again the following year.”


  • Tuesday/Thursday Evening Practices will be returning this year. Attendance at evening practices, once school lets out, is by coach’s approval only. This will allow those swimmers who are not available to attend morning practices to still be a part of the team.



  • Families of swimmers who qualify for ALL STARS and plan to have their swimmer compete at all stars will be asked to volunteer at ALL STARS. This is a League Requirement and is not part of the Team Volunteer Requirement. These hours are separate from any hours families completed or did not complete during the regular season. Families can not “OPT OUT” of ALL STAR volunteering through Wahoos Team Registration. Any hours volunteered at ALL STARS are exempt from the new Wahoos Volunteer incentive of families earning $10 per hour for each hour served over the 9-hour commitment.


  • FSSL requires each registered swimmer/family to sign their Waiver. This waiver will cover immediate family members of the swimmers. The League has always required this but new this year is the requirement of additional waivers to be signed by friends and extended family members who volunteer for the team. The team will have blank waivers at meets.



  • We have three FUN meets in addition to our competition schedule! These meets will take place on weeknights and will be the Clarksburg Fun Meet, the Relay Carnival and a Lollipop Meet for our Prep-Team. All the details about the meets are posted and updated on our Team Website.


  • CONCESSIONS UPDATE: We are very grateful to the dedication and hard work for the past two years from Laura Bauer and Jen Kramer and their Families. They did such a great job!!! At the end of last season, they let the Team Leadership know that it was time for their families to give other Wahoos Families an opportunity to help the Team as the Concessions Coordinators for 2018. We have a huge ask from our families- as of today, we do not have anyone to coordinate Concessions for Home Meets. Please consider speaking with a member of our Team Leadership if you would like to know more about how to help the Team.



Thanks to the Following Volunteers and their Families for their hard work and dedication to success for a great 2018 Summer Swim Season:

Fundraising and Terrific Thursdays: Annie Foster

Team Banquet: Brandi Berkheimer-Tan and Annie Foster

Team Uniforms and Apparel Liaison: Brandi Berkheimer-Tan

FSSL Representative:  Kristen Stafford

Home Meet Starter and Referee: Chris Safsten

Website, Team Unify and Meet IT: Satoshi Katsumoto

Team Treasurer: Phil Meadows

Team Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator and Team Correspondence: Grace Hoffman








Important Dates and Information:

  • Tuesday, May 29th: First Evening Practice
  • Tuesday, June 5th: Deadline to Declare for Time Trials
  • Friday, June 8th: First Evening Set-up for Time Trials
  • Saturday, June 9th: Time Trials
  • Tuesday, June 12th: Deadline to Declare for Home Meet against Brunswick
  • Friday, June 15th: Evening Set up for Home Meet
  • Saturday, June 16th: Home Meet – LUAU Theme
  • Tuesday, June 19th: Deadline to Declare for Away Meet against Braddock Heights
  • Saturday, June 23rd: Away Meet at Braddock Heights
  • Monday, June 25th: Team Photos
  • Tuesday, June 26th: Deadline to Declare for Away Meet at Robin Meadows
  • Wednesday, June 27th: Lollipop Meet at Cattail Creek
  • Saturday, June 30th: Away Meet at Robin Meadows
  • Tuesday, July 10th: Deadline to Declare for Home Meet against Lake Linganore
  • Wednesday, July 11th: Relay Carnival Meet at Nottingham
  • Friday, July 13th: Evening Set up for Home Meet
  • Saturday, July 18th: Home Meet against Lake Linganore- Superhero Theme
  • Tuesday, July 17th: Deadline to Declare for Divisionals
  • Wednesday, July 18th: Clarksburg “B” Meet at Clarksburg
  • Saturday, July 21st: Divisionals
  • Saturday, July 21st: Team Banquet
  • Saturday, July 28th: ALL STARS