GOOD LUCK to our GMA athletes RACING at the June YNS Team Specialty Meet!

Dear GMA Families,

We are SO EXCITED to  get into the heart of the GMA long course racing season!  We have been training well together as a team and we are ready to test our skills and team spirit at the long course meets!  It's time to start achieving our season goals together!!  

GOOD LUCK to our GMA athletes racing at The YNS Team Specialty Meet in Beverly, MA on Sunday 6/3/18!  We are off to a GREAT start this long course season.  With 2 meets completed, we have dropped over 1,000 seconds as a team en route to our TEAM GOAL of dropping 4,000 seconds this season.  We have 98 meets left, including championships, and we are ready to continue IMPROVING as a TEAM.  This weekend promises to be an excellent experience for our team and we are happy to be returning to the Beverly YMCA!

Here are the important meet details:

Click HERE for the GMA meet entries.

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Meet Coaching Schedule

Coaches Jim and Ellizabeth will be at the meet all day on Sunday and Coach Laura will be at the meet most of the day on Sunday.  Coach Laura's cell phone number is (802) 238-9168

Meet Times:

Sunday 6/3/18 

Morning Session (12 & Under)

 GMA Warm-Up 7:10 AM on deck, 7:25 AM-7:50 AM Warm-Up in Lane 5, 8:00 AM Meet Start

Distance Session 

GMA Warm-Up 12:05 PM on deck, 12:20 PM-12:50 PM Warm-Up in Lane 2,  1:00 PM Meet Start

Afternoon Session (13 and Older athletes)

GMA Warm-Up 2:15 PM on deck, 2:30 PM-2:55 PM Warm-Up in Lane 6,  3:30 PM Meet Start

Here are some additional GMA team reminders:

  • GMA team members are required to be on deck 15 minutes prior to our warm-up time and present for all team meetings, team warm-ups and team assignments for the weekend.
  • All GMA swimmers are required to stay for the ENTIRE SESSION each day.  Please show your support for your teammates.
  • All GMA swimmers are required to warm-up and warm-down properly for every event.  We have the advantage of the warm-up and warm-down space at this meet and we will use it.
  • Please remember that it takes 15-20 minutes to travel to the facility from the area hotels.  The pool is isolated from locations selling healthy food and drinks.  Please pack nutritious meals for your athletes who will be racing for 4-5 hours at the pool each day.  Please plan your family travel to arrive at the pool at our scheduled meeting times.


Green Mountain Aquatics Long Course 2018:


The following reminders and guidelines are offered to our families to ensure that ALL GMA swimmers, parents and coaches enjoy FUN and SUCCESSFUL meet experiences!

1.   Please arrive at the pool early. All swimmers need to be on deck ready to swim 15 minutes prior to the scheduled warm-up time. Please stay for the entire session in which you are swimming. Stay to participate on relays, to help clean up the pool area and to cheer on your teammates.

2. Please arrive on time for your meet job. Please plan to stay for the entire meet session.

3. Please introduce yourselves to GMA parents and to parents from other teams. We would like to create a cordial and open atmosphere at meets. Please do your part to be sure that all families feel welcome.

4.   Parents are reminded that ONLY parents assigned to work on deck, swimmers and coaches are to be on deck. If you are NOT assigned to work on deck, you must be seated in the spectator seating area. This rule is set by USA Swimming and our liability insurance coverage for the athletes and coaches is dependent upon EVERYONE following this rule.

5. Please pack the following for your swimmers:

2 GMA black racing caps

2 pairs of goggles (shaded or mirrored for outdoor meets)

GMA team suit

GMA team shirts

GMA team apparel

At least 3 towels

Plenty of sunscreen and seating for outdoor meets

Nutritious food and drinks only (Meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds are the key components of nutritious meals.)

6.   Swimmers are responsible for the following:

Knowing their meet events

Knowing their personal best times

Knowing their goals for each event

Talking to a coach before and after every race

Getting to their heats and lanes by themselves

Cheering for their teammates during the ENTIRE session (do not leave until the session is over and our team area is fully cleaned)

Demonstrating great sportsmanship and team spirit

Resting/ sleeping in bed at least one hour in between prelims and finals sessions

Warming up before each event, warming down after each event and maintaining any prescribed physical therapy routine.

7. At meets, the coaching staff will conduct and supervise warm-up procedures for the team.  Before and after each race, the coaches will offer feedback regarding the swimmers performance.

8.  It is the parent’s job to offer love and understanding regardless of their athlete’s performances. It is not the parent’s job to coach the swimmer on stroke technique, racing strategy or any other technical aspects of the sport. Please be patient with your child and remember that learning to be a champion requires time, experience and encouragement.  The meet experiences and your child’s self-worth should not be measured by the number of personal best times achieved alone. GMA swimmers are wonderful young people who need to be recognized for their great attitudes and their excellent effort in each race!   

9. Please WEAR YOUR GMA ATTIRE and represent your team with pride, respect and spirit!



Laura Matuszak, GMA Head Coach