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LAST CHANCE-Check Roster Information

Swimmer rosters have been updated again as of 1 June. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO CHANGE T-SHIRT SIZE. If you have registered in the last few weeks, or still have not signed into the website since May 1st to review information. WE NEED YOU TO DO THIS ASAP.  If you are a returning family, please know that the registration system retains shirt sizes from prior years, so your child's size may be out of date. Please check!

Log on to the website, and go to the Parent tab and click on   Swimmer Rosters to view the report. If you find any mistakes/need corrections, please send us an email.

We need you to look at the following:

  1. Did  you spell your child's name correctly when you registered?  How it looks on this list is how it will print out on Ribbons, Meet Programs and in other reports.

  2. Is your child properly categorized as a Male or Female?

  3. Is your child's birth date correct?

  4. Is your swimmer in the correct Roster-Group?  Remember their competing age is their age on June 1, so if your child had a birthday on June 2, he or she still swims in the group of their age on June 1.

  5. Is the T-shirt size for your child correct?   This information is important to make our job easier, and ensure that when your child gets a shirt, it fits.  If this field is incorrect or blank, please go into your member account and correct it for your swimmer.  VERY IMPORTANT If you need a YOUTH size, please indicate as such, for example, Youth Medium, not Medium; Medium will be an adult-sized T-shirt.  Depending on the t-shirt art, Youth Small may not be available as the shirt is too small for the printing.  In this case, you will get a Youth Medium. We order our t-shirt sizes DIRECTLY from this list. If you receive a t-shirt that is the wrong size, we cannot just give you the right size, as that would be taking it away from another child.

If you find a mistake, please send us an email with the correction needed. If your child(ren) is/are not showing up on this list, and you believe you registered, please contact us ASAP so we can get this corrected.

You MUST be logged into the website to view this information. If you are having trouble signing on, please see the     Locate My Account page on the website under the Join tab.