LAC Partners
RE-registration for next season is now open!


Dear Members-


It’s that time of year again!  All Members planning on remaining with LAC for Fall of 2018 and beyond need to reserve your spot for next season by paying your annual membership fee and registering your swimmer. Please review this email carefully before you re-register your swimmer(s).


Please note: This is your LAC Annual Membership fee for Sept2018-Aug2019.  This is NOT your USA Swimming membership, which renews for calendar 2019 in the Fall.


If you are NOT planning on remaining with LAC  after the end of Summer:

  • You must notify our Team Manager  ( ) via email of your intended last day .


If you intend to remain with LAC , you must:

  • Register on the LAC website no later than JULY 22, 2018 ( be logged OUT ), c lick on the “ Registration ” button (left side) and follow the instructions carefully.



Some key items to note:

  • If you miss the 7/22 deadline your account will be deactivated and your swimmer’s spot will go to those on the wait list.
  • If your account is deactivated and your intent was to return you will have to attend tryouts and chance being placed on a wait-list.   Tryout information is on our website under “Join
  • LAC”
  • We anticipate a huge turnout at Fall tryouts, and your commitment will not only assure your place on our team, but also let us know how many spots we have to offer to new swimmers.
  • Move ups will be announced by the swimmer’s primary coach before the end of this season.
  • Our Fall schedule will be posted by the end of July.
  • Our first day back will be August 27th
  • If your swimmer started with LAC in June 2018, your annual registration fee covered 2018-2019


The Membership Fee structure for 2018-2019 remains unchanged as follows:

  • Monthly dues remain unchanged
  • Competitive Group (bronze and above) $150 per family annual membership
  • Stroke Group (red/black) $50 per family annual membership
  • IMPORTANT:   The maximum Membership Fee per family is $150. If you have a swimmer in both groups, you pay $150 only. If youhave Stroke Group swimmers only, the Membership Fee is $50 –when your swimmer(s) move up and become Competitive Group swimmers,you will pay the balance of $100 for Competitive Group Membership.
  • If you have an outstanding balance over 30 days, your Membership will not be processed and your  egistration will not be complete until your outstanding balance is paid in full
  • Payment must be made online at the time of registration.
  • There is a $5 per transaction fee for this payment. If you havemultiple swimmers, please register them all at once to avoid beingcharged an additional $5 for additional transactions. Transactionfees are non-refundable.
  • During registration, please review the Membership Agreement carefully; you are responsible for the information.


We have two changes to the Volunteer Obligation :

  • Each LAC family is required to earn a predetermined number of “points” per fiscal year (Sept-Aug), not to exceed 6 required points.  
  • The number of points required will be communicated to Members no later than
  • December 1st of each year.
  • If you sign up, and then do not work your shift (“no-show”), LAC may add volunteer obligations to your account for that fiscal year.
  • These changes noted above are in response to (a) an increase in the number of hosted meets due to changes in our LSC and (b) as incentive to meet signup commitments so that meet organizers aren’t left scrambling due to no-show volunteers.


We hope you will consider remaining on as part of the Team!  LAC continues to prove itself to be one of the best Teams (and values!) in North Texas:

  • The only Gold Medal Club in North Texas, and one of only 20 Gold Medal Clubs in the USA!
  • First place finisher at TAGS
  • Highest Virtual Club Championships ranking of all North Texas teams


We thank you for your immediate attention to this matter and are looking forward to a GREAT season in 2018-2019 with you!