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Young swimmers meet GCY National Swimmers at Subway Swim Day!

Young swimmers meet Greensboro Community YMCA National Swimmers at fourth Subway® Swim Day

Photo caption: Six-year-old Aiden Bass of Greensboro enjoys water time with help from volunteer Anna Lewis, a 7th grade student at Greensboro Day School and member of the national prep group at Greensboro Community YMCA. (Credit: Joey Kirkman/GAC)

Photo caption: GCY Masters Coach Jamie Miller teaches the elementary backstroke to 9-year-old Gavin Hamel of Greensboro. (Credit: Debbie Atkins/Subway)

Children with autism learn lifesaving skills at the GAC

GREENSBORO, N.C., June 2, 2018 – Greensboro Community YMCA National Swimmers swam today with children at the fourth Subway® Swim Day. The Greensboro Community YMCA National Swimmers teamed up with local Subway® restaurants, Autism Unbound, and the Greensboro Aquatic Center to teach lifesaving skills to the children with autism who attended the event. More than 100 kids and adults participated in the swim day at the Greensboro Aquatic Center, located at 1921 W. Gate City Blvd. in Greensboro, and learned basic swimming skills.

“It can help save lives and was great fun! Our families were thrilled to have the swimmers from the Greensboro Community YMCA join them in the pool,” said Krystal Ketner, a representative from Autism Unbound. “Autism Unbound welcomes the Subway® Swim Day partnership to bring water safety awareness and skills from theory to hands-on

practice. The event is a fantastic community collaboration, blending practical application of autism awareness and acceptance, education, recreation, and active living.”

Up to 90 percent of wandering-related deaths involving children with autism are due to drownings, according to the National Autism Association (NAA). Local owners of Subway® restaurants and the Greensboro Aquatic Center began hosting the Subway® Swim Day event in 2015 to help prevent these drownings.

“Subway® Swim Day is teaching a vulnerable population skills that could help save them from a life-threatening situation,” said Tommy Kirkman, local Subway® owner whose daughter swims competitively at the GAC. “If we can prevent even one possible drowning, we will have accomplished our goal.”

The NAA states nearly half of all children with autism are prone to wandering, also known as eloping or bolting, from adult supervision and going to an object of fascination, such as water. Wandering prevention and response tips are available on the NAA website at


About Autism Unbound

Autism Unbound is a charitable organization dedicated to addressing needs of the autism community in the areas of advocacy, education and training, housing, and support. Its mission is to enable persons affected by autism spectrum disorder to live more independent, full lives by influencing the future today.

Autism spectrum disorder has directly touched the life of each member of Autism Unbound, either by chance or by choice. Autism Unbound is comprised of families and professionals determined to reach out to the local community and society at large to shape desirable opportunities for persons affected by autism in accordance with their individual needs, abilities, strengths, and preferences. Together, through consideration and cooperation, Autism Unbound seeks to make a lasting, positive difference.

Autism Unbound is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. 100% of proceeds received goes directly into focus areas for the public. Autism Unbound is committed to fundraisers and special events throughout the year to bring its mission from vision to reality.

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Photo caption: GCY Swimmers and Coaches always ready to help step up and help when needed. (Credit: Debbie Atkins/Subway)

Photo caption: GCY Helpers and Hungry Helpers, always great to be fed, thank you Subway! (Credit: Coach Brad GCY Makos)