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June 4th the Metro Store will add a few new items.

Metro Towels – (June 4th- June 11th)  Metro will make quarterly orders on custom towels.  12 orders are required to fulfill the minimum order.  Any orders under the minimum will be refunded.  

Towel Sizes

            30 x 60 - $26.00   ideal for younger swimmers 

            35 x 65 - $37.00   ideal for older swimmers (and taller swimmers)

$4.00 personalized with name (please order on the page that specifies “with name” above).


Dolfin - Metro will slowly introduce Dolfin products, specifically items that Adidas doesn’t offer and options for goggles.

Also, orders from Dolfin will be drop shipped to your house from the company.  Please allow a little extra time when ordering.


Tech Suits – (June 4th – June 11th) Metro will offer the newest Adidas Tech Suits and TYR Tech Suits.  Please use caution when trying on these suits.  We hope you will select the Adidas suits, but considering they are tech, we understand the fit sometimes isn't ideal for all swimmers. We want you to select the best fit and comfort for your swimmer.

While offering deals on pricing, please understand that the Metro Store will not accept returns.  If you tear the suit, there will be no exchange for it.  Exchanges will be allowed for size. If the size is available, and the tags are still on the tech suit, exchanges can be accepted. However, if you tear the suit, Metro will not replace or exchange the suit. 

The Metro Store is introducing these order opportunities now to avoid the rush as championship meets approach.  It will take 2-3 weeks after the orders are placed to receive the tech suits. This should allow plenty of time before champs meets.