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ORCA NEWSLETTER **Famous Olympians Edition**

 Last Mass Emailed Newsletter for the season.

We had several meets over the Action Fest weekend and below you will find some of the highlites (and awesome pictures with Swimmer Celebrities)

But first....


Orca Banquet is set for this Friday June 8th from 6:00-10:00ish.  The event is sold out and we had to add a couple extra tables.  

There is no swim practice on Friday Afternoon.


Practice runs from 4:30-6:30 for all age groups for the month of June, including any Regional swimmers still swimming this month.  Plan to be changed in your swim suit and ready to go at 4:30 on deck.

Now to the highlites:


From the results page it looks like many Orca swimmers took part in the Triathlon and Giant's Head Run.  Way to go!  

While you were attending all the Summerland festivities, there were several meets attended by Orca Swimmers.


The main highlight for me was Jessica Thiede's 100m Breastroke swim.  She narrowly missed her Provincial Tier 2 time in the preliminaries by .08 of a second, but had another chance in finals, to only miss it again by .06 of a second!!  

So frustratingly close!!  But so goes the sport.  

Regardless of the outcome, Jessica had two solid performances to be proud of.

Evan Wellborn was the lone 100% best time swimmer, even while feeling a little under the weather on the last day, he was able to improve on all his times.  Evan also had the biggest time drop of all swimmers with a 6.73 sec improvement in the 200 IM, followed closely by Jonas Mengr's 6.41 improvement in the 50 fly of all races!!  

Well Done Boys!

Brooklyn Parliament and Jessica Thiede shared the highest placing with 5th in 50m fly and 50m breastroke respectively.   

Phoebe Chalmers learnt the importance of swimming your off-races (not your best strokes) and had her biggest improvement in the 100 Free.

And Gavin Rogalsky came for the Friday session for another crack at the 200 IM Provincial Tier time.  His persistence has been incredible over the last couple of swim meets.  


Mackenzie Bird traveled to Wenatchee in the U.S. of A with her brother and the KISU swim club to take part in their outdoor swim meet.  She swam in 12 races and had major improvements in the Breastroke IM and Freestyle Races.

Next time you see her, ask her what's it like to swim backstroke outside on a sunny day.

I would love to take a crew down to the US for an outdoor meet in June or July next year.  There are several meets offered in Washington and Montana that could fit the bill.  

Road trip anybody?


Finally, Taylor Smith took part in the 56th annual Mel Zajac's invitational in Vancouver BC.  The meet is always well represented by American, Australian, and Canadian Olympians and this year was no exception.  

Can anyone figure out who the two swimming superstars are in these pictures?  HINT: One's Canadian and the other is American?  


For swimmers still in the pool in June, this is the competitive part of the season, where we finetune all your skills before the final meets of the year.  

Let's bring it home strong.