SRST: Pac Coast Volunteer Jobs Open

Hello SRST Families,


You may now email Coach Ben your top 3 choices for volunteer times.  Note that the AM session each day will be one volunteer session and the middle and end session each day will be combined into a single volunteer session.  This will make for a long day, but overall team members are down right now due to people vacationing.  

This will be first-come-first-serve as usual.  

Families must volunteer for 2 slots.  Families doing 2 people in a timing lane are considered to be doing the full 2 volunteer slots required. 

For newer members, please note that volunteering for this event in Federal Way is required. 

Ben will reply back as time permits over the next couple days; EXPECT A DELAYED REPLY.

Rest assured that Ben will never put one member's request over another.  Ben's ability to work on updating the chart will be based on time available and will likely come in chunks based on his crazy schedule; thanks for your patience.

Note that a timeline, volunteer reminders and the usual pre-meet info will be available by mid-week (the week of the meet).

Thanks in advance for all your help putting on this event.  We will be hosting between 800-900 athletes!!

Coach Ben