SRST: Pac Coast Clarification

Hello SRST Families,

If you read the meet info there are 6 sessions (3 each day).

We are NOT doing 6 separated volunteer sessions.....we are only doing 2 per day.  Each family must volunteer for 2 shifts.

AM Session (12 & Unders)
PM Session (13 & Overs)

AM Session (12 & Unders)
PM Session (13 & Overs)

When requesting your 2 volunteer shifts please use this terminology: 
A)  Sat. AM
B)  Sat. PM
C)  Sun. AM
D)  Sun. PM

If we end up with an abundance of volunteers we may break the PM sessions into shifts, but for now please don't count on that.  The PM sessions will be long.  Remember to request 2 shifts.

Note:  If you intend on having 2 family members (such as husband and wife) volunteer at the same time in order to satisfy the 2 shift requirement, please indicate that in your email request.


Coach Ben