5 news points for June 5th!

A few quick reminders as the school year draws to a close and summer starts to peek around the corner...although clearly not today...

1) Inclement Weather Policy. If the weather looks dicey, please keep an eye on your phones. While we would like to predict when lightning strikes, we haven't mastered the technology yet, so sometimes our outdoor workouts will be cancelled relatively last minute. We STRONGLY encourage every parent to have a verified number in the system to receive SMS alerts. We don't send out alerts except in the event of a practice change or cancellation. If the weather looks iffy/stormy/sketchy, please do not leave the pool in the event that we end workout early and athletes need to leave the pool deck/facility. 

2) Team Suits. If you haven't gotten the new team suit (BRIGHT blue with White N) please try to get it quickly. There is a new website:  https://www.kiefer.com/new-trier-swim-club with passcode NTSC. We should have a water polo suit available shortly!  SHP athletes will need the DMC fins (we have a couple who do not have them yet) and those are available from this site - https://www.aquagear.com/dmc-elite-swim-fins/ 

3) Practice Schedule. We are so lucky to be in Centennial two weeks early this summer. With this in mind, please make sure your athletes treat the facility with respect as the pool is not open for general public. Remember sunscreen, water bottles, equipment and towels for all Centennial workouts. 

4) Locker Rooms at Northfield & Winnetka. The locker rooms will NOT be available for storage this summer. The facility is going to be under use by a LOT of other groups and they will NOT be secure locations.  Please remind your athlete to carry their equipment and personal items with them after every workout. 

5) Meet Commitment. Please commit (or decline) to all potential remaining competitions for summer as the final entry deadlines are almost upon us. 

Thanks again & wrap up the school year with flair! 

If you have any questions - please contact the office 847-784-6399 to reach our Director of Operations, Blake Mock. He is usually in the office from 9-4p weekdays and most weekends can be found officiating at our meets!