FCST Graduating Seniors Continue Career at Collegiate Level

FCST Graduating Seniors Continue Career at Collegiate Level 

  • Danielle Hepler - University of Missouri 
  • Will Schuler - Emory University 
  • Karigan Stanley - University of North Texas
  • Bryanna Vasquez - University of North Texas

    FCST continues the strong tradition of sending student-athletes to the collegiate level! We are extremely proud of these FCST graduating swimmers. We wish them all the best as they embark on a new chapter of their lives and in their swimming. 

   The end of the school year for a graduating senior is a combination of stress and enjoying what is left of their high school experience and swimming career. We want to take the time and acknowledge these 3 amazing swimmers that will continue their swimming careers at their respective Universities. Danielle, Will, and Karigan embodied and showcased the FCST values with pride at practice and swim meets. They will forever be a part of the FCST family and we look forward to their visits during school breaks. 

Thank you all for the support! GO FCST! #FCSTFamily #DevelopedHere