Mantas Families,

Our summer season is underway and we are quickly approaching the first of our hosted meets. Mantas Swim Club hosts the Red, White, & Blue Invite on June 22-24.  We also host the Minnesota Regional Championships on July 20-22.  Both meets are held at Tourtellotte Pool in Mankato and draw between 500 and 600 swimmers to each meet!  This is where we need every families help in making these events great for our swimmers and others!  

With each family swimmer registration is section detailing the Family Volunteer Policy.  You can read the policy by clicking  RIGHT HERE.  Along with signing off on the policy, you agree that a $125 deposit will be added to your account at registration.  Don’t worry if you missed it or skipped it the first time, we’ll add it on.  

Mantas Swim Club is asking for your time, not your money, to help the team and your swimmers.  And, whether your swimmers are competing or not, we NEED A TON OF HELP!  In fact we need over 500 sessions of help! Between the two meets we need a lot of jobs covered.  Each job for a single session adds up.  Jobs include: being timers, helping set up our pool, tearing it down at the end, helping out in the main timing tent, working concessions, helping with awards, and more!  Every job is important! 

The family requirement for the summer is to contribute 5 sessions of work over the course of our two hosted meets.  This could be done between the two weekends, all in the same meet, or even all in one session!  When more than one family member work at a time (let’s say as timers) then each person working counts as a session.  So you can fulfill multiple sessions with more than one person.  

Here are links to our two hosted weekends. You may sign up for both right now!  Time commitments may change for our July meet, as the meet info hasn’t come out yet, but the jobs will remain very similar.  

Mantas Red, White, & Blue Invite: June 22-24.   JOB SIGN UP RIGHT HERE

Minnesota Regional Championships: July 20-22. JOB SIGN UP RIGHT HERE

Let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for helping us provide events and experiences for your swimmers and Mantas Swim Club.


Alex Lindstrom
Head Coach
Mantas Swim Club