Meet Sign-Ups

 Meet Sign-Ups

Each meet has a section to commit or decline your swimmer for that particular meet.Please review your family’s calendar and commit or decline your swimmer(s) for each meet this season.Generally, one week prior to each meet, the meet will lock.When you sign-up, you will need to select what events you would like your swimmer(s) to swim in.If a change in yours plans occurs within that locked period, please communicate updates with Coach Kris.It is very difficult to add swimmers at the meet due to the tight timing prior to meets beginning, thus the importance of you signaling your swimmer’s intention to swim or not one week prior.  If you do NOT commit or decline your swimmer they will NOT be able to swim at the meet.  

You MUST commit your swimmer for the Thursday, June 14th away meet at Stillwater by Thursday, June 7th.

You MUST commit your swimmer for the Saturday, June 16th home meet vs. Huntingon by Saturday, June 9th. 

You MUST commit your swimmer for the June 19th away TRI meet at Nequa Valley by Tuesday, June 12th. 

You MUST commit your swimmmer for the June 23rd home meet vs. Huntington Estates by Saturday, June 16th.  

Please let us know if you need help with committing or declining your swimmer and we can send you step by step instructions.