The Great Wahoo Needs You!

The Great Wahoo Needs You! 


Snack Bar Coordinators Still Needed

Do you enjoy the fresh salads or juicy, grilled burgers at the Monday evening developmental swim meets?  Do your kids beg for a sweet, fresh-baked donut or Anita’s burrito at the Saturday morning A meets?  Would you be disappointed if all of these tasty goodies were unavailable at our Wahoo swim meets?  


If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, please consider volunteering to be a snack bar coordinator for our meet day snack bar. The responsibilities of the snack bar coordinator include:


  • Two to three days prior to the meet, conduct inventory of snack bar supplies and products, and provide a shopping list to the snack bar manager.  
  • The day before the meet, place orders for donuts, Anita’s Burritos, etc. 
  • Help set-up the snack bar for the Saturday morning A or Monday evening developmental swim meets.
  • Oversee snack bar operations during the meets to ensure swim team volunteers work effectively with snack bar employees.  


The position may be filled by one individual or shared by several (2-3), with responsibilities divided by task or meet (i.e., one coordinator for Saturday morning A meets and one to two coordinators for Monday evening developmental meets).  Please consider recruiting a friend and helping us maintain our meet day snack bar.  Our meet day snack bar not only provides much needed meals and treats for the swimmers and their families, it also raises money for our team. 



Trained Meet Officials Still Needed


Do you want to help the Wahoos maintain  an experienced pool of trained volunteers?  Do you want a front row seat to all the meet day action? 


If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, please consider attending Saturday's NVSL officials clinic. The Wahoos are looking to increase our pool of trained officials. Several of our current officials have graduating seniors and will not be available next year. In particular, if you are interested in becoming any one of the following trained meet day officials, we encourage you to participate in this Saturday's NVSL training.

  • starters,
  • stroke and turn judges,
  • head timers, and
  • announcers

Please consider becoming a trained official. For more information visit  here  or contact Bill Sprance ( ).


If you have any questions about these, or any other Wahoo volunteer positions, please feel free to contact Martha Murray or Cathy Read. Thank you!