WCSC Newsletter Special Alert: 1st meet a success, info about Sat meet & more!

WCSC Parents and Swimmers,

Congrats on a great first meet!  This week we are doing a special alert prior to our first Saturday meet (this won’t occur every week).  Please read below for some important news items:

Directors Note:

First meet of the season was a success. So blessed that there are so many amazing hard working parents on this team that go above and beyond for WCSC. Thanks everyone and see you bright and early on Saturday!

Saturday, June 9th Meet (Tomorrow's Meet!):

  • Please note, for Saturday, June 9th meet, please arrive at 7:30am (arrive at 7:30am, warmups at 7:45am and meet starts promptly at 8:45am).

  • Double check the meet sheet for individual events and relays you are in. It is located under the meet on the main page. So our meet sheet for tomorrow is located here: https://www.teamunify.com/EventShow.jsp?id=863336&team=recwcscwcsc

  • Relay Update:Many of the relays have six swimmers listed. Swimmers 5 & 6 are alternates. If you are an alternate relay swimmer you are considered part of the relay team and responsible to the team - be ready to swim and go up to the blocks with your team mates. If you are 8& Under, check in with the shepherding team in case they need you to fill a spot.

Jobs Update:

  • Strong work at last night's meet parents! We have a few openings for key volunteer positions in upcoming meets that we need filled. Jobs are 1st come 1st serve so sign up ASAP if you haven't reached the 6 job requirement. We need one more snack shack helper for this Saturday's meet and a timer/runner for next Wed. Email if you are interested so I can sign you up!

  • Thank you to everyone who turned in the volunteer deposit check last night. I am extending the deadline for checks to Saturday for all the families who were not at the meet last night. Swimmers will be ineligible to compete at meets if the family volunteer requirement is not met (6 jobs + deposit!) by Saturday. Email me if you need help signing up for jobs.

  • Families that have chosen the "buyout" option should remove their job sign ups immediately to open up those slots for other families. Otherwise, I will assume you plan to work those jobs :)

  • We have several "subs" listed on the website if you need assistance working jobs. Thanks!

  • Any questions contact Gita at jobs@walnutcreekswimclub.org

Apparel Update:

Parkas will be personalized next week and Adrienne will have them to distribute on 6/15.  Sorry for the delay.  Adrienne is also distributing a WCSC swim cap to every swimmer, please find her to get your swimmers free swim cap.

Wed, 6/6/18 Results:  The results for the meets are always posted the day after the meet. You can go to the main page of the website and there will be a news alert when they are posted (look on the left hand side of the main page).  Here is the quick link to our 6/6/18 results:  https://www.teamunify.com/NewsShow.jsp?&id=620361&team=recwcscwcsc

See you tomorrow!