Mantas Families,

 The Mantas Clothing Store is NOW OPEN again through June 24.  All orders can be made up until this date and then items are able to be picked up 2-3 weeks after the close date.  Go get your MANTAS GEAR!  



Mantas Swim Club Summer 2018

Web Store Instructions

  1. Go to our website: www.unitedteamelite.com.

  2. Click on Team Stores at the top menu. This will take you to the team store page and password login.

  3. Enter your team password under Personalized Team Stores in all CAPS:MANSPRING18.

  4. For the products you would like to order, select a size from the drop down to add it to your cart.

  5. If personalization is an option and is desired, enter it in the box. If no personalization is desired, click add to cart.

  6. Please review your order for accuracy to ensure you chose the correct products, sizes, and personalizations.

  7. Follow instructions for payment / delivery.

  8. All orders are processed together AFTER the cutoff date designated by your Program Coordinator. Production takes 2-3 weeks after ALL orders have been received.

  9. United Team Elite will notify you or your Program Coordinator once all of the orders are complete. Please do not make plans to pick up your order until you are notified that it is ready.

  10. Web Store will be open until June 24All orders will be completed approximately 2-3 weeks AFTER this date.