Division E T-Shirt Design Competition!

Every summer, one team within the division gets the opportunity to design the shirt that will be purchased by all swimmers within the division. This year, Stonebridge has been given that privilege!

So with this opportunity, we are creating a design competition! For the Stonebridge swimmer or parent who creates the best design (as voted by the coaches), they will have their artwork showcased on hundreds of t-shirts and win a $40 Panera giftcard!  

  • The T-shirt must have “Division E” or a prominent “E” within the design
  • There should be a different design for the front and back of the shirt. The front design will be small and be located on the upper-right corner of the shirt.
  • You may incorporate the different mascots into the design, but it is not required
  • Example: http://mcsl50.blogspot.com/2008/07/fashion-parade.html

Submit all designs to Kenneth.ke66@gmail.com and best of luck!