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Swimfo June 12th


 It will be nice to take a big long slow breath after school gets out.  The excitement is building for the swimmers while the older ones are under a lot of stress to perform on their finals.  Go ahead and take that long slow breath right now, it’ll feel good.  After school gets out prepare yourself for a fun low-key dual meet with the Thunderbolts this weekend.  We have a lot of our swimmers signed up.  This is a great opportunity to race for all kids from Novice all the way up to Perform! 

  • We’ll need everyone’s help when we start setting up at 2:00.  Try not to show up too early before that.  Warm-ups will start at 2:15 for our guys.  I’ll be handing out instructions and materials on different jobs.
  • We still have some key jobs that need support!  The main one is Hospitality.  Super simple, have some water, juice, coffee, and tea available as well as some fruit and a few other snacks.  We’ll just have this for the coaches and officials so about 20 people.  It does not have to be big.  We do need someone to help with that though.  Otherwise I’ll be doing that and not coaching athletes.  Another job is announcing.  Saturday afternoon needs an announcer.  You don’t need a great voice, just to be able to speak clearly.  It’s not to hard and can be kind of fun!   There are a few other jobs on the list too.  If you are coming please find a way to help.  Just because you’ve done all your hours doesn’t mean we still don’t need your help!
  • SUMMER SCHEDULE will start on June 18th and go to August 17th Each season’s schedule is under the practice schedule found here.  You can just scroll down until you see “summer schedule”.  The morning practices during the week, before noon, are all at the Elks.
  • Please find a way to participate in a couple of meets this summer.  We aren’t doing much and the racing experiences are invaluable for these swimmers growth.
  • There is a board meeting tonight at 6:00 PM in the community room!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Coach Matt