Mantas Meet Hospitality Tent Donations!

Hello Mantas Parents!

Do you love to bake or cook?  Would you like to help out with a food donation to the Mantas Hospitality Tent?
The hospitality tent feeds breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to our coaches and officials during our swim meets (Red, White & Blue and MRC's).  Our club does receive some monetary and food donations to help defray the cost of providing the hospitality, but you can also help by volunteering to bring baked goods, bars, salads, fruits or veggies for our meets.  
Please bring your donated food item to the HOSPITALITY TENT (in the kiddie pool area) at the time, date and MEET indicated.
        Please click RIGHT HERE to find the options available for contributing to the hospitality tent.  
         Thank you in advance for your help in making this a successful meet!
         Deena Lindstrom
         Mantas Swim Club