Sharlene Ransford Recieives 2018 Phillips 66 Outstanding Service Award

Each year Niagara Swimming has the opportunity to select a recipient for the Outstanding Service Award.  This award, sponsored by Phillips 66, is presented to a volunteer in each LSC in recognition of service to swimming.  

This year's recipient for Niagara Swimming is Sharlene Ransford.

Sharlene Ransford has gratuitously volunteered her time and talent to the swimming community through officiating, being on the Board of The PACK Swim Team of Pittsford and by being an incredible mother of three.

Sharlene’s history as a USA Swimming Official includes: being an official in Niagara for over a dozen years. She has been on deck from the Saturday morning “little kids” to National Championships, to FINA Deaf International World Championships. 

Many people have had the pleasure and privilege of working at those meets by her side. No one embodies the spirit and value of a quality official and person than Sharlene. 

Over the past six years Sharlene has averaged over 35 sessions per year at every position. Both on the dry side at Administrative Referee or Administrative Official and every wet side position. Sharlene has been the Meet Referee at our LSC Championship meet, and the Administrative Referee at Niagara Classic Meets. 

Sharlene has been a Clinic Director for eight years, teaches an average of more than seven clinics per year. Her ability and willingness to explain, teach and respond to those hundreds of new officials over the years has been a primary source of maintaining a flow of officials into the Rochester area and the LSC. 

The last few years, Sharlene has added National Evaluator to her game, working to Mentor Officials that wish you receive National Certification.

Sharlene also sits on the LSC Official’s Committee, bringing valuable insight and a willingness to promote the sport through all aspects. 

Sharlene’s value to the PACK Swim Team community has also been huge. The Ransford family moved from Maryland to Pittsford in 2005 when they joined Pack. By May of 2009, Sharlene was elected Chairman of the Board and served as the President of PACK Swim Team until 2013. Under Sharlene’s leadership, she took on multiple projects including starting and completing Pack’s USA Swimming Club Recognition requirements. She also coordinated team communications, volunteers and reserving pool time. Sharlene went above and beyond in everything she did for PACK.

Sharlene continues to give back to the team by volunteering to officiate for PACK meets even though all of her kids are gone and off to college. That speaks volumes to her dedication and support to the team and the sport of swimming.

Sharlene as a person, mom, wife, and swim parent has raised three boys with her husband Mike. Her boys are the epitome of achievers both academically and athletically. They are also courteous, polite and have great sportsmanship and respect for anyone they meet. They are role models for younger athletes and always demonstrate their willingness to help and encourage others.

Congratulations Sharlene!