Congratulations to Our May SMACtastic Swimmers

SMACtastic Swimmers - May 2018


CAATfish - Lila Levinson

Lila has definitely become one of the leaders in the group. The moment she steps foot on deck, cap and goggles are on and she is ready to go. She is very eager to learn and is always asking me questions at practice. She is committed to getting better and it shows everyday. Her biggest improvement in the past couple weeks has been her breaststroke, mainly her kick which used to be a weakness and now is one her strengths. Keep up the great work Lila!

Stroke Development - Leo Adedipe 

Leo has been focusing specifically on his head position recently.  He’s embraced the process of making changes to become a better technical swimmer and it paid off, big-time.  Leo broke the 8&under 50m Breaststroke at the May Flowers meet!  Great job, Leo!  

Age Group - Madi Rivard 

Madi is really beginning to connect the dots: improving technique accompanied and great work ethic leads to success.  She has specifically worked on improving her bodyline and head position.  With the changes made so far, she dropped more :12 from her first IM Workout Wednesday to the second and is closing in on her first ever champs cuts in the Breaststrokes.  Great job, Madi! 

Fitness - Peter Antezana

Peter’s been bringing it to some challenging sets this month.  On the Freestyle WoW set he was the only swimmer to make all the level 4 100s Free.  While he still needs to bring that same intensity to the kick portion of the set, he brings great intensity to his workouts.  Great job, Peter!  

Age Group Performance - Shay Camplin

Shay has been working hard and it showed at the May Flowers        meet when she made her first ever Champs cut in the 200 back! She is aware of what she is doing during races and of what changes she needs to make afterward. Shay has been holding both herself and her teammates accountable to their performance in practice as a strong leader does. Way to go Shayterade!

Senior - Adam Bishop

Adam has regularly came to practice, but more importantly he has been challenging himself at practice and making improvements to all of his strokes. It is great to see the work that Adam has been putting in result in almost a 5 second time drop in our bi-weekly IM test set.   

Senior Performance - Zach LB

Zach has quickly become a constantly high level performer in the group.  He leads lanes, attacks all four strokes, and regularly puts in quality practices regardless of how he "feels".  Looking forward to big things in the upcoming race season.


CAATfish/Stroke Development - Mila Zhang

Mila has done an awesome job facing her fears this past month. Dives off the block have become a little intimidating for her this season, with some setbacks causing her to fear the diving block for a while. Recently, however, she has been putting in a lot of practice - not only with diving, but also with communicating her concerns and coming up with solutions to move forward. With all her hard work, she has finally gotten the courage to step up and practice race starts from the block!

Age Group - Alyson Chew

Alyson is a great teammate who brings a big smile and  positive attitude every day.  Over the past month she has been willing to get out of her comfort zone and learn to really compete and lead at practice.

Age Group Performance - Hope Felner

Hope has had a great month of training in May. She has been remarkably consistent in attendance, effort and attitude.  Her commitment to improving has been obvious and contagious.  She has really begun to stand out as a leader in this group. 

High School - Miwan Suseyi

Miwan is deserving of the SMACtastic swimmer award because of her amazing diligence to improve and her positive attitude that she brings to the practice. Miwan has been been facing shoulder problems that left her with an injury that took her out of the water for a bit. Since getting back in, Miwan has pursued recovery with vigor in order to get back to 100%. I am always impressed by her focus and discipline, and believe she is going to be a huge force once she is fully recovered. Miwan has an amazing presence and is a great leader in the High School group. I thoroughly enjoy coaching her and believe she is fully deserving of this award.

Senior - Sandy Li

Sandy has shown great persistence in dealing with a shoulder and knee injury. I know it was challenging for her when the body wouldn’t do what she wanted it to do but she put in a lot of work in and out of the pool to get better. All the little things she’s done well are starting to add up with some good sets and some good swims at Mel Zajac. Great job being resilient!

Senior Performance - Yulia Groysman

Yulia has worn being a hard worker as a badge of honor. She’s willing to do the work and the sets that most aren’t willing to do. Yulia strives to improve everyday and has kept an open mind with new training and with new stroke techniques. Excited for how she’s been making the process better. Great job getting outside the comfort zone!


CAATfish - Emma Yu

Emma has put in a lot of hard work these past few weeks and it definitely shows! She does a great job at paying attention to the task at hand and works to improve. This is best shown in her flip turns. She used to have  hard time with them but now she does a great job at staying in a tight ball and pushing off the wall in streamline! This makes her turns very smooth and she is able to to continue swimming without getting caught up at the wall.

Stroke Development - Tala Estes

Tala is always ready and excited to be at practice. This excitement helps keep an upbeat atmosphere at practice and helps her stay on task. Tala does a great job at reading the pace clock and knowing exactly when to go. She sets a great example for the group and helps others learn how to use the pace clock.

Age Group - Sahana Subramanian

Sahana has really shown a lot of improvement these past few weeks. She has consistently been leading the lane for sets, even sometimes when doing breast stroke. She is starting to figure out how to keep her legs engaged the whole time, allowing her to be a lot smoother in the water.

Age Group Performance/Senior - Zoe Walker

Lately, Zoe has shown a lot of determination and resilience in her swimming. She is always ready for the next task and will tackle it whether or not it is her favorite thing to do. Zoe has shown that she is determined to never give up during a set. Even if she might be having a hard time with a set, she will keep going and not stop until she has completed the whole thing.


CAATfish - Avery Stender

Avery joined CAATFish in May, and from day 1 she was all in! One practice she actually swam fly, or did dolphin kick the entire time  (even if it wasn’t meant to be)! Avery’s work ethic is going to take her far in this sport and I can’t wait to see her compete!

Stroke Development - Natalie Nguyen

Natalie has done a great job all month with listening and improving her technique. She is always at practice ready to work hard and improve. She has made some big stride with Freestyle and Backstroke, while still fine-tuning the breaststroke kick.

Age Group - London Ferry

London is one of the most dedicated swimmers at the Evergreen site. She rarely misses a practice and always comes ready to work hard and improve. Beyond that she also goes the extra mile when it comes to swim meets and treats every race opportunity as a chance to go a best time.

Age Group Performance - Celina Lam

Celina has been a leader within the Age Group Performance group always coming to practice and working hard with a good attitude. A leader by example she is always working hard and giving it her best effort. Can’t wait to see all her hard work pay off at a swim meet. 

High School - Ellie Kawaguchi

Ellie has shown great leadership for the Highschool group all month long. She encourages others do work hard, leads the lane, and is a great example of a dedicated swimmer. Even on the toughest days (test sets), she knows its going to be hard but still puts her best effort forward. Keep it up Ellie!

Senior - Brennon Sikora

Brennon has done a great job becoming more consistent practice to practice. Stringing together some really good workouts back to back. I’ve been impressed with his willingness to accept the challenge and be competitive amongst his teammates in practice.

Senior Performance - Taylor Kabacy

Taylor has done a great job of setting the standard in practice. The first week of WoW, she broke the top 10 for Senior and Senior Performance, across the team! She also has done a great job finding time to fit a practice in on days she has other obligations such as competing for her school choir.


CAATfish - Cooper Marvin

Cooper has brought a lot of good energy to the CAATfish group. She is constantly excited to work on skills, even if it is difficult for her. Cooper has especially made huge strides in her butterfly, being able to do a full 25 legally with ease. On Fridays, when CAATfish and Stroke Development often combine, Cooper is able to keep up on the kick sets and is often leading the lane! With all of this hard work, Cooper has worked her way up to Stroke Development!

Stroke Development - Becky Pham

Becky brings an infectious great attitude to the group. Becky always shows up to the pool ready to learn and with a smile on her face. Recently, Becky has shown great progress in her starts, which she has struggled with in the past. Furthermore, Becky has made some great progress in her kickin ability, and is often in the top portion of her lane!

Age Group - Mercedes Ruiz

Mercy has shown great improvements in her consistency of effort and positive attitude which have lead to improved achievements!  She now often leads the lane on a variety of sets, not just her favorite strokes. Another especially noticeable accomplishment is the development of her kick. Keep up the hard work!

Age Group Performance/Senior - Christian Louie

Christian has been plagued with injury for most of the season, which has limited what he is able to do in the water.  However, he still finds a way to better himself in and out of the pool.  Where most athletes will sit out until they have healed, Christian comes to practice, scales his swim workouts (working on the smallest details) and commits an hour of dryland work when he can’t swim.  Even though this has been a frustrating time, he understands that the work he’s committing to now will pay off in the future.  Keep it up, Christian!


Stroke Development - Safia Cao

Sofia has shown improvement over the month of May, listening to instructions and doing her best to correct her strokes. She has shown an increased effort in both the kick set and dryland exercises. Nice job!

Age Group - Alina Hoang

Alina has shown a clear focus and desire to improve over the month of May. She is often leading her lane and increasingly making efforts to fix her technique. Alina dropped significant time at Apple Capital last weekend. Well done!

Age Group Performance - Sloane Wichelmann

Sloane had an incredible month of training!  Sloane’s consistent effort and attendance resulted in significant improvements to her WoW results, including a 1:03.6 average over the last 6 x 100’s of the test set.  Sloane also set new team records in the 11-12 Girls 100 Free and 200 Fly.  Congratulations Sloane!