2019/20 Short Course Season runs from September-April.

TENTATIVE Try Outs for the 2019/20Short Course Season 

please check back closer to August and make sure nothing has changed.


Monday 12 August    8 & Unders

Tuesday  13 August  9-10

Wednesday 14 August  11 & over


Please ensure you are there at 4:30 as this is a group try out, and it will be run like a practice. Expect to be there 1-1.5 hours.

All try outs will be held at Dublin Indoor pool at 4:30 P.M. Please complete the online form and then come to the table to sign in .

Tryout Requirements

Swimmers will be asked to participate in a typical practice session, appropriate for their age group. This practice could last 1-1.5 hours, so please plan on staying the entire session.

Beginner Swimmers: Coaches are looking to see what you can do, what your potential is, and whether you will be able to complete a one hour practice with a group of your peers. (Swimming 20 lengths or more during practices is to be expected.) Sidebreathing during freestyle is expected.

Experienced Swimmers: In addition to a demonstration of your strokes, coaches want to know your past swim team experience in order to place you in the correct practice group. A list of your fastest times in a variety of events will be helpful in determining placement. (Times are available on the USA Swimming website for swimmers transferring from another USA Swimming club team).