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Meet the Sunshine Heroes! Nature's Sunshine Vitamins & Supplements

Back-to-School Means Back to Germs

Help protect and strengthen your swimmer’s immune system against daily exposure to germs at school. Remind them to wash hands, cover coughs, not to drink from water fountains, don’t share drinks and eat more fruits and vegetables.  Also ensure a routine that allows enough time for sleep. 

Have a picky eater? Nature’s Sunshine products can help. Sunshine Heroes is an entire product line of tasty and chewable vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other supplements specially formulated for children.  Order your Sunshine Heroes products today to boost your swimmer’s defenses and speed up recovery.  Order these products from Coach Bill’s website:

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Coach Bill’s Recommended List for GCAT Swimmers:    

                                                                                                                           Retail / Member Cost

Elderberry D3Fense- for immune system support                                              $29.50 / $19.65

Omega 3 with DHA- omega 3 fatty acids for development                                 $31.15 / $20.75

Probiotic Power- strengthens digestion and intestinal systems                         $26.95 / $17.95

Multiple Vitamin & Mineral- antioxidants, nutrients and minerals                      $26.30 / $17.50

Vitamin C (250mg)- supports immune, protects against free radicals                $23.95 / $15.95

Calcium Plus D3- supports health of bones and teeth                                        $24.50 / $16.30  

Get ALL 6 for $108.10 plus tax and shipping