GCAT Partners
GCAT Beach Olympics are Back-SUNDAY, OCT 21st!

Please join us for a GCAT flashback event...The Beach Olympics! 

When?: Sunday, October 21st at 2pm     (NEXT Sunday)

Where?:  North Beach, Tybee Island 

This is a fun and fantastic GCAT family friendly event away from the pool.  The kids will be placed on teams and compete in challenges led again by one of our very own GCAT swim moms, Kate Dunne! Parents can take turns to help run events, take pictures and relax in the sun or shade. 

Same parking lot as North Beach Grill for parking.  After parking, face the beach, then take the first boardwalk to the right out to the beach.    We will meet out on the sand. 

Please e-mail me if you can bring a tent...or just bring it!  We can't have too much shade!  Coach Bill will bring tables for food to be set out on.  Bring beach chairs, sunscreen, coolers, a snack to set out and share.  We ask you bring your own drinks and extra small waters if possible.   

Please join us at Tybee for GCAT family fun in the sun!