Glenwood Diving Week of May 26: Potluck and Practice!

Hello Tiger Divers!

We can't believe it's here - the pool is open and we are ready to kick off the season! To get it started, here are a few key highlights for this week!

TUESDAY: Our 3rd? 4th? Annual Welcome Potluck! Come by the dive well 6pm(ish) to reconnect with our returning divers, meet new members, and help build our community! Coaches will be here to answer questions and hang with our awesome team. Know someone interested in diving? Invite them over! Bring a dish to share, stay for a few minutes if you're juggling school and pool - we're just excited to get together!

WEDNESDAY: Afternoon practices begin! We hold 3 sessions daily during the remaining school year; divers may attend whichever one works best (4:15-5:00; 5:00-5:45; 5:45-6:30). It has been warm lately but remember an extra towel or two as divers for staying warm in line and drying off. REMINDER: divers need to be registered in Team Unify before attending practice. This is a requirement to ensure MCDL insurance is in place. Take a moment and click over the website if you haven't registered just yet!

THURSDAY - FRIDAY: Practices continue each afternoon. We know it's a challenge during the overlap but please to try to make as many practices that your diver can. A little bit goes a long way, even a couple of days as your diver can will be great.

TEAM SHAMMIES: We've got custom green/white tie dye shammies coming this week! More details to follow, but they will be available at practices and are a great addition to your Glenwood gear! Stay tuned!

OFFICIALS CLINICS: One of the best ways to get to know diving is by taking an Official’s Clinic. In 2 hours you’ll learn the ins and outs of summer diving and be certified to officiate. This is so important to us; we can’t hold meets without officials, so we count on a roster of parents certified to judge! Clinics are just 2 hours, are held several times in the early weeks, and pre-registration is not required – just show up! Dates/locations are:

2019 Clinics
  1. Officials Clinic Sunday, June 9th (10 a.m.) - Country Glen
  2. Officials Clinic Wednesday, June 12th (6:30 p.m.) - Merrimack
  3. Officials Clinic Thursday, June 13th (6:30 p.m.) - Rock Creek
  4. Officials Clinic Monday, June 17th (6:30 p.m.) - Westleigh

Enjoy Memorial Day! We'll see you at the pool!

Go Tiger Divers!