Questions and answers about Meets


Who goes to the B meets?

Every 4:30 and 5:30 practice swimmer is eligible to swim in the B meets.  If your swimmer earned points in an event (first through fifth places) at the previous week's A meet, they cannot swim that event in the following B meet.  The coaches may encourage kids to try new events if the kids are ready.  Preteam swimmers will not swim in any meets except the Mini Ray Lollipop meet unless they are moved by Coach Jack to the regular swim team.

Who goes to A meets?

The coaches will select the fastest three swimmers in each event except for freestyle, where the fastest six swimmers compete in each age group.  The times are based on times from the previous week's A and B meets and time trials.  A swimmer can swim a total of three events plus an Individual Medley (for 11 and overs) and a relay.

Because swimmers are always improving their times, the list of kids who swim in each A meet can vary from week to week.  It is important to check each week to see whether or not your child is swimming.  Ribbons are given for 1st through 6th places at the A meets and points are given for 1st through 5th place.  The team does not receive any points for an empty lane, so it is important to let the coaches know if your child is not available to swim that weekend.  There are other swimmers who want the chance to swim in the A meet.

Do we have to stay for the whole meet?

Summer swimming is a team sport and kids are expected to stay and cheer for their team.  There are mixed-age relays at the end of every meet that are very exciting to watch.  If you child is young and is only swimming a freestyle event, you may not want to stay for the whole meet, but your child's teammates will appreciate it if you can.  If you must go before the end of a meet, please check with the coaches before you leave in case your child has been offered a spot in the relays!

What should we bring to a swim meet?

You should bring sunscreen, a hat for the adults, extra towels, sweatshirts, and a small amount of cash for snacks.  Each pool has a concession where families can buy water bottles, Gatorade, soda and snacks during the meet.

What happens if my child leaves some belongings at a meet?

Volunteers who clean up after the meet will collect any leftover belongings and bring them back to CCRA.  The items will be described in a message to the e-mail list.  If no one claims the items, they will be put into the lost and found.