NAC Masters: Getting to Know Stephanie Adcock

NAC Masters

Getting to Know Stephanie Adcock


How did you end up at NAC?
At first, I swam in the "public lane" at the Sportsplex while pregnant with my son Byars. I saw the NAC Masters team swimming and thought I would check it out post-baby-delivery.

Once my son turned six months old, I started swimming with the team. I’ve now been swimming with NAC Masters for almost 20 years.

Tell us about your swimming history?
I feel like I’ve always known how to swim; I can’t remember ’not' knowing how to take the plunge.  I grew up in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. My mother taught me how to swim in lakes and ponds. Finally, I ventured over to a neighborhood pool—it was fed by a natural spring at the time and it was really cold! The local swim coach recruited me for the high school team. I swam and raced doing the 500 free, 100 fly and 200 IM.  I then attended Western Kentucky University, but they only had a men’s team—

so no college swimming for me.

What gets you up every morning to be in the pool at 5am?
There are many positives to getting up so early every day.

I end up beating the Nashville traffic since I drive in very early; at 4:30 am it’s only a 25 min drive door-to-door Kingston Springs to the Sportsplex. Secondly, swimming helps me keep my sanity and helps relieves stress from my job working a full time job as Director of Planning & Analysis for a mining and construction company. I like to tell people I ‘count rocks.’ Thirdly, and most importantly, I really enjoy the people I swim with every day.  

What is it about Ashley and NAC that has changed your swimming life?
I didn’t know anything about Open Water swimming until Ashley came on board and she’s really opened up my life to this exciting sport. I started swimming open water competitions seriously 3 years ago when I turned 50.  I have completed several ultra-marathon distance swims and have several races lined up for this summer and fall, which include: The Portland Bridges Swim (11 miles), Fontana Lake (15k), Bridges to Bluffs (10k), and Swim the Suck (10 miles).  My husband Ronald is my co-pilot for these events (see photo) and I have to say, he is my best cheerleader.   

What are your goals?
I am seriously considering a Channel swim, and I want to continue my open water journey here in the US and around the world. SwimTrek in Greece is on my bucket list. 

Tell us about your family and home life?
My husband Ronald and I have two children Ann Marie and Byars.  We are grandparents to Oliver and Ryman.  We've lived in Kingston Springs 26 years.

Best time swimming? Favorite time in the water? Why?
SwimTrek in Croatia is my favorite swimming experience.  My friend Mary and I decided we’d take this trip for our 50th birthdays.  We meet some really great people. Swimming in the Adriatic Sea was amazing.

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