PWSL Week 5 Results

And now we have one regular season meet remaining. In week 5 we had three inter divisional fights this weekend that turned into a true brawl. In the green division we had Brookside take on Westridge. Westridge was able to hold off Brookside by only 116 points. The next closest meet of the week goes to Virginia Oaks vs Meadowbrook.This was a hard fight battle with Virginia Oaks holding off a late meet serge by Meadowbrook to take the victory by a margin of just 20 points. And if you think that was close, I have more. In the blue division two undefended teams battle hard to hold onto their perfect season. This meet came down to just five points between them. This is also the closest meet of the season. The outcome could go either way at any point within the meet but it was Piedmont that was able to edge out Sudley in the end with a score of 2648.5 to 2643.5 with a differance of only 5 points. Based off of the season so far, I see some extremely close meets in two weeks. Who in the division will be a wild card? Who is looking for the chance to redeem an earlier meet in the regular season? Time will tell. This week each team will swim outside their division for the last regular season match up of the season. 

Week 5 was also the best week of 2019 for PWSL records. As a league we had three broken records this week. Camille Spink of Piedmont again lowered her personal best in the girls 13-14 50 freestyle to 26.34. Braemar had two league records set this week. The first was Jordan Evans who set a new time in the boys 13-14 Breaststroke with a new time of 31.27. Braemar also set a new relay record in the Boys 13-14 200 Medley relay team with Leo Sowers, Jordan Evans, Logan Grant, and Alexander Martins when they updated the old record by nearly 3 full seconds! The new time is now 1:56.38. We had 13 teams break 40 team records this weekend. 43% of the times recorded this week were improvements over their seed times. 

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