PWSL Week 6 Results

The regular season dual meets are complete, next up divisionals!!!! This is where are the practice meets of the season come to an end and the best swims for most will show. We had one undefeated team this year for the dual meets,.congratulations to Piedmont. As a league we also had 3706 swimmers with a total of 9776 splashes this week. Of the 9776 splashes 3552 were personal best. This averages out to an increase of speed by 36%.With the heat we did not see any league records go down this weekend but we did have 13 teams set 34 new team records.  

Divisionals are this weekend which will mark the end of the season and the start of vacations to many. This is the biggest meet of the season for all teams and swimmers. Not only is a swimmer competing for their team to win, they are competing across the whole county. Every season after the divisional meet the computer reps hold a Cyber meet. Here we merge all the data to see how the swimmers would have compared to each other if this was just one big meet in a single pool. Then PWSL will reward the top 24 swimmers per event with a league place ribbon. 

All meets this season are being sent to and being uploaded to the site. Please take the time to check it out. Several years are missing here and there but the database contains meets from about 2009. I will be working with them to add past meets to help fill the gaps. I would like to make this database as complete as possible for current swimmers, I will be working on this task in the off season.

We are no longer working on the top times for each event page on our new results website. There is now a link on each weeks page for the top times. Please check out the top times for the county located at Please note I will be turning this feature off during divisionals and will be turning it back on the next day. I would like to keep the top 24 harder to see until after the cyber meet.  

Please see the updated  summary sheet for an overview of all the meets.The Top 25 individual times and  Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. This week's cyber meet, league record file and the PDF version of the summary report.are    available to the computer reps on this site; while interactive results are available at