PWSL Week 7 Divisionals

WOW is all I can say for the meets this year. I would like to say this year was the tightest meets I had seen overall. All eight divisions were decided by 472 points or less between first and second place with the tightest being just 87 points. We had 3 divisions with a difference of only 788.5 points between first and third place with the yellow division only 314.5 points total in difference.  Congrats to all teams on a great season. 

So how did the swimmers do you ask? Just sit back and let this sink in. We had 12 league records broken this weekend. The following table is the list of all the PWSL records broken this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to congratulate each one of these swimmers. 

Braemar Blasters #44 Boys  13-14 50 Breaststroke 31.15 Jordan Evans Jordan Evans
Bridlewood #27 Girls  15-18 100 Individual Medley 1:04.75 Erin Quinn Erin Quinn
Bridlewood #9 Girls  15-18 200 Medley Relay 2:01.27 S Yowell, G Johnson, E Quinn, S Walker S Yowell, G Johnson, E Quinn, S Walker
Brookside Hurricanes #32 Boys  11-12 50 Backstroke 31.12 Jackson Tishler Jackson Tishler
Meadowbrook Makos #14 Boys  11-12 50 Freestyle 27.44 Matt Jensen Matt Jensen
Piedmont Tsunamis #25 Girls  13-14 100 Individual Medley 1:04.37 Camille Spink Camille Spink
Piedmont Tsunamis #8 Boys  15-18 200 Medley Relay 1:48.44 S Borden, E Liao, L DeVore, H Radzikowski S Borden, E Liao, L DeVore, H Radzikowski
Piedmont Tsunamis #66 Boys  15-18 200 Freestyle Relay 1:38.25 H Radzikowski, L DuVore, E Liao, S Borden H Radzikowski, L DuVore, E Liao, S Borden
Ridgewood Barracudas #24 Boys  13-14 100 Individual Medley 1:00.78 Andrew Bolz Andrew Bolz
Ridgewood Barracudas #27 Girls  15-18 100 Individual Medley 1:03.08 Aris Runnels Aris Runnels
Ridgewood Barracudas #37 Girls  15-18 50 Backstroke 28.90 Aris Runnels Aris Runnels
Ridgewood Barracudas #57 Girls  15-18 50 Butterfly 28.15 Aris Runnels Aris Runnels

The record board has been updated.

I also heard many teams had lots of team records broken today. Over all, the league had 22 teams set new team records in an impressive 137 events this weekend. Just to make sure I did not mistype that, we had 22 teams set 137 new team records this weekend. Yep it matched :) I guess with an overall improvement of 50% in times recorded over seed times records will fall. 
Overall the swims were fast. As a league we had an increase of seed times by 50% with one team having 60% and another having 62% increase.

As always, after the divisional meet, the Computer Reps got together to see what would happen if the 3758 swimmers who had legal times in 10047 splashes in the county got together for one swim meet. Overall the top 24 times were very close this year and we had lots of ties. Looking forward too many more seasons with the closeness of the times and the improvements.

We are no longer working on the top times for each event page on our new results website. There is now a link on each week’s page for the top times. Please check out the top times for the county located at

Please see the updated   summary sheet for an overview of all the meets.The Top 25 individual times and    Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. This week's cyber meet, league record file and the PDF version of the summary report  as well as the end of season reports including the excel version of top times, PDF version of top 25 swims for the season in every event and a PWSl league team manager database are  available to the computer reps on this site; while interactive results are available at