WAAC Meet Volunteer Job Description


During the season WAAC will usually host 2 home meets. All parents of a swimmer(s) will be required to work 2 sessions at each meet.

Below is a brief description of the jobs:


WAAC Meet Volunteer Description


Check in Table:

The individuals working this table will be responsible to check in all meet volunteers and make sure they are aware of their job assignment and where to report at the start of their shift.  These individuals will also be responsible to check in all coaches and officials, assuring that all credentials are up to date and valid.  They will also issue wristbands to all checked in individuals.  Individuals working this table will also be responsible for selling heat sheets which requires handling money.


Safety Marshal:

Marshals will check in at the volunteer table and receive their instructions as to where they will be stationed and get a bright orange vest.  This vest is to be worn throughout the meet.  The Marshal has full authority to warn or order to cease and desist, and with the concurrence of the Referee, to remove, or have removed from the swimming venue anyone behaving in an unsafe manner or using profane or abusive language, or whose actions are disrupting the orderly conduct of the meet. The Marshal’s role is to maintain a safe environment for everyone.  The Marshal’s duties include monitoring the pool area during warm-ups for safety, clearing lanes for sprint warm-ups and monitoring the bathrooms for proper conduct. You will also “police” the pool deck and bathrooms and allow only authorized personnel with the proper wristband on the deck. Marshals are not permitted to use their cell phones on deck as per the Safe Sport guidelines.



Timers will be paired with a partner and are responsible for operating the stopwatch and recording a swimmers time on the timer sheet.  One person will handle the clip board with the timer sheets attached to it and the “pickle” while the other will work the stopwatch. Timers will also be responsible to assure that the right swimmer gets in the pool at the right time in the assigned lane.  Timers will be required to attend a timer’s meeting about 15 minutes before the start of the session.  This meeting is given by a trained USA Swimming Official.  They will explain how to do the job, then will ask timers to stand by the assigned lane so a timing test can be conducted.  Timing involves starting and stopping the stopwatch at the beginning and end of each race.  The stopwatch is started when the race starts and will be stopped when the swimmer in the timers’ lane touches the wall.  At the same time the swimmer touches the wall the “pickle” person will also press the button on the pickle.  The timer will then record the stopwatch time on the timer sheet.  Once times are recorded timers will clear the watch and start all over again with the next race. These times are used as a backup to the electronic systems.


Head Timer:

This person makes sure the timers have everything they need. The Head Timer will start two watches the beginning of every race.  If a timer has a watch malfunction, or just forgets to start his watch for some reason, he will raise his hand and the Head Timer will immediately give him one of the watches started at the beginning of the race, so that the timer can continue to do his job. The Head Timer is also in charge of finding replacement timers when a timer needs to leave his lane for any reason. 


Place Judge:

Place Judges will be paired with a partner and be responsible to determine the place the swimmers finish the event.  One judge will call out the place and the other will record the order of finish by lane.  These individuals must have a clear view of the finish line.  Place judges will record order of finish for 1st – 8th place.



These individuals are responsible for setting up and tearing down the concession area, in addition to preparing and selling food.  Some individuals may also be asked to work the cash box, preparing, stocking and selling food.   Since these positions are not on deck we will have enough staff on hand to allow people to leave the concession stand for short periods of time to go and watch their children swim.



This person’s primary responsibility is to gather up the timer sheets after each event and take them to the computer operators.  Once results are printed he/she will run them to the awards table.  This person will also post a copy of the results in the designated area in the hallway outside of the cafeteria.  This individual will also walk around the deck with water for the officials, coaches, timers and computer operators.  This person will be in charge of restocking the coolers that are on deck for officials, coaches, and volunteers.  They will also be used to fill in were needed to give others a break and to run odd jobs and errands necessary to keep the meet moving efficiently.



Duties include setting up the awards table with the ribbons, placing stickers on the ribbons for each event and organizing the awards according team.  This person is also responsible for having the swimmers initial a form when they pick up their ribbons.


Hospitality Room:

Individuals in the hospitality room are responsible for setting up and tearing down the room for coaches and officials.  Duties include making coffee, restocking coolers and food, washing/rinsing dishes as well as switching meals from breakfast to lunch.  Individuals working the hospitality room may also be pulled to help restock coolers and ice on deck or fill in where needed.