2019 Rob Ramirez City Champs Meet

Congrats on a fun, exciting and very close meet for both the ladies and fellas yesterday! 

The men finished second to city champs PK Yonge,  476 to 468.  

Individual top three finishers:

Lucas Cruz - 200 IM (2nd)

Bryan Han - 50 Fr (2nd) and 100 Fly (2nd)

Thomas Lancer - 100 Br (1st)

The gentlemen put three great relays together; finishing 1st in the 200 Medley (Reccoppa, Lancer, Han & O'Neill), 2nd in the 200 Free (Lancer, Sperbeck, O'Neill & Grieser) and 3rd in the 400 Free (Han, Cruz, Grieser & Reccoppa)!  

There were so many improvements and great swims, the coaches could not be any more please.  We may have come up short by a few points to win the meet but not because of our efforts!

The women finished a close 4th with 364 points, 13 from 3rd and 59 from second!  

Individual top 3 finishers:

Katherine Sammy - 200 IM (2nd) & 100 Ba (2nd)

Makayla Kraus - 50 Fr (3rd) & 100 Fly (3rd)

Juliana Lopez - 500 Fr (2nd) & 100 Br (1st)

The ladies also put together 3 great relays; finishing 3rd in the 200 Medley (Sammy, Lopez, Kraus & Whitaker), 2nd in the 200 Free (Sammy, Lopez, Kraus & Dahl) and 4th in the 400 Free (Dahl, Whitaker, Han & Veltcheva)!

Once again a bunch of season bests and ladies stepping up to a challenge, the coaching staff loved the effort!

Lets get ready for our dual vs PK on Monday!