Swimsuit Rules Clarification

As many of you are aware, in September a high school swimming official applied an NFHS rule at a high school contest in Alaska resulting in the disqualification of a swimmer based on nonconformance with the NFHS rule. The disqualification was subsequently overturned, and the official was sanctioned. 

Following this widely discussed case, we felt this was an important opportunity to have open dialogue with USA Swimming officials, to learn from this event, and to be better informed of analogous USA Swimming rules.  

While USA Swimming does not have a similar swimsuit coverage rule, our staff continues to monitor the effect of and response to the NFHS rule.  

USA Swimming rules require that swimsuits worn in competition conform with the current concept of the appropriate: 

USA Swimming Rule 102.8.1 D requires that the swimsuit worn must conform to the current concept of the appropriate. 

USA Swimming officials must only evaluate this rule as it is written and apply the “current concept of the appropriate” standard. 

Contrary to the guidelines used in the situation in Alaska, USA Swimming does not have a “modesty” rule related to swimsuits. USA Swimming officials must not apply a modesty standard. 

AMS will remove all reference to AMS Suit Policy Rule from meet announcements and policy and procedures.