Practice and Billing update!

RUSH Families,

First of all I want to thank everyone for your support of RUSH Swimming. We truly love working with your kids and are so grateful for all of the encouragement and advice we have received from our families!!! 

Unfortunately, practices are now on hold until May 4th. Courtyard has decided to close down for the month of April. In light of this there are a few changes: 

1. The deadline to place your RUSH account on hold (or make any changes) for April is now March 28th. We completely understand if you would like to place your account on hold as this is a very uncertain time for everyone. Please keep in mind that we would like to keep our amazing coaching staff in tact and that is only possible with swim team dues. 

2. The Great Hills Country Club board is meeting tonight and I have asked for them to put in a reduction of swim team dues for the month of April. I have requested they cut your dues by 25% for the month of April. I should hear back from the GHCC board tomorrow and will let you know right away!!! 

3. RUSH coaches have teamed up with COTA coaches to provide at home workouts on a private facebook group. This is only available for swimmers staying active for April. We are working on several different ideas to keep the group together such as a virtual movie night (thanks netflix for the idea), individual challenges and a weekly COTA vs. RUSH workout challenge! If any swimmers or parents have any other ideas we would greatly appreciate it.

Miss everyone!!! Sending high fives and hugs to all our swimmers!!! 
Coach Sam