Illinois Swimming Offer for Club Liability Insurance


Dear Illinois Swimming Head Coaches and Club Presidents- 
The Illinois Swimming Board of Directors held a special meeting this afternoon to address some areas of concern as most teams are supposed to be prepping for the start of the swim season.  One of the largest concerns teams had in our Zoom meetings over the last couple of days was how can we run dry land activities and stay in compliance with our liability policy?  
Illinois Swimming is encouraging all teams who plan to run virtual dryland activities to obtain their own liability insurance.  Illinois Swimming will reimburse teams up to $400 dollars to obtain (or if they have already obtained) liability insurance to cover these activities.  In order to receive the reimbursement your club must submit the invoice showing you applied for liability insurance, the cost and proof of payment.    Submission to receive reimbursement must take place no later than June 1, 2020.  Submission should be sent to Pam Lowenthal 
We have been working with HUB International Midwest Limited, an insurance brokerage firm.  They are aware of the situation we are all facing and are willing to help.  If you plan to use HUB they request the information listed below from each club.  To start the application thru HUB please contact Lisa Adler
1.       Legal Entity, FEIN, Address vs mailing address, Email and Phone
2.       Revenue for dryland only (break out pool vs dry annual revenue)
3.       Member count
4.       Brief background on the coach(es) that are going to do the trainings, (certifications, etc)
By no means are your clubs required to use HUB, and policies from any broker will be reimbursed.  We only give this information out as a resource since they are aware of our situation and are willing to work with our swim clubs.  
Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly.  
Thank you
Jeff Arce
Illinois Swimming General Chair