CZ General Chair Conference Call Notes - 05/06/2020





11:00 a.m. CDT


ZOOM Meeting






Call to Order

·         Pam Lowenthal, Central Zone Non-Athlete Director

·         Central Zone General Chairs; other officers of CZ

·         Roll Call - Attendees: Pam Lowenthal, Ann Watanabe, Carol Olson, Charles Kunsman, Jeff Arce, Joseph Gazzarato, Judith Deedy, Robert Rettle, Thomas Johnson, Van Donkersgoed, Michael White, John Bradley, Betty Kooy, Bradley Jacobs, Eric Peterson, Kevin Milak, Fran Werner, Susan Mechler, Lisa Montplaisir, Vince Colwell, Tony Young, Shawn Klosterman, Martin Schmidt

Purpose of Meeting

·         To check in with CZ General Chairs and others to see how everyone is doing

·         To discuss possible changes to the 14 & U Championship along with other events in 2021

CZ~ Directors

·         Attended the virtual Board of Directors Meeting – Issues of import – Pam and Michael

o   Legislation – Zones will no longer have ‘Bylaws’; not 501(c)(3) entities; will need only Policies and Procedures

o   Roles for BOD athletes

o   General Chairs will receive comprehensive minutes from the USA Swimming BOD

§  CZ requests that Directors get a digestible executive summary of those minutes

o   No Convention; will be working toward a Virtual meeting with voting by telecommunication on the same date as the virtual meeting

o   Flex membership will stay at $20.00 until 2022;

o   Individual Memberships (Premier) and Non-athletes memberships year will start on June 1, 2020 and expire on December 31, 2021

o   Relief programs – to keep as many clubs open as possible

LSCs – What are you doing

·         MW – Carol Olson: Phased approach; rebate to clubs of $6.00/athlete registered on March 15; Finance Committee will meet to plan Phase 2; mementos to Zone Qualifiers; staying in touch with coaches, member clubs, Board of Directors – Zoom meetings, Constant Contact

·         LE – Vince Colwell: Waiting for new BOD members to begin; will plan to assist clubs

·         IN – Tom Johnson: Will match USA Swimming grants dollar for dollar; may be future phases; need to take into account revenue losses

·         MN – Ann Watanabe: Have not yet agreed to Phase I; issues with clubs that are not 501(c)(3) organizations

o   Illinois  (Jeff A) used a non-profit attorney; refund cannot exceed per-member registration fee; not funding institutionally backed programs; minimum $1000.00

o   Tom J – requires a W9 from clubs

·         ND – Lisa Montplaisir: No funds back to clubs – they have not asked; new BOD; have discussed waiving splash fees, sanction fees, or Fall registration relief; need to talk about next season

·         MI – Joe Gazzarato: focusing on SC season; most out of water at least through August; youth sports low on governor’s priority list; encourage teams to take advantage of other resources; clubs have not asked for assistance

·         OZ – Bob Rettle: every other week meetings for coaches; not sure what OZ can do financially; some clubs will need some help; schools may not be opening until January; other LSCs on borders may be different with school openings

·         MV – Judith Deedy: 3-phase assistance plan; used an attorney to review program; checking with clubs, coaches, boards; direct member communication

·         IL – Pam/Jeff: keeping communication going – using Constant Contact; reaching out to Olympians – free webinar; giving unused travel funds away

·         SD – Martin Schmidt: New GC; no requests for funds; waiving LSC fees for some seasonal clubs

14 & Under Meet

·         Questions:

o   15 & U next summer; do 15 yr old athletes want to be there? time standards – 15-16 AAA? Use Single age (JB); 12-13 and 14-15 age groups?

o   Task force? Not at this time

o   Concensus: Go back to LSCs and question athletes; keep open and see how meets open going forward and what picture looks like for next summer

CZ Coordinators

·         Disability – Susan Mechler

o   Has had Zoom Meeting with Disability chairs in late April – 7 in attendance

o   Wants three focus groups: coaches education to educate coaches in working with disability athletes-workshops; officials’ education to help with meet facilitation for disability athletes; parents’ group to give guidance to parents of athletes with disabilities

o   Encourage social media for disability community

·         Officials – Fran Werner

o   No report; listening to USA Swimming for guidance on competition decisions – May 11 next

·         Open Water – Kevin Milak

o   Nothing really; some teams in south getting into open water; not so much in north; planning ahead – making sanctioning process for Open Water competition easier


·         Pam – Continue to get idea of what is going on? Another meeting? Concensus – yes
Next meeting: June 3, 11:00 am CDT


·         Time: 12:05 p.m. CDT

·         Submitted by: Betty Kooy, CZ Secretary