May 16 Team Update


Hello Tahoe Swim Club Families,


Returning to Practices:

We finally have some information about getting back to business as normal.

Swimming pools are supposed to be relatively safe.  The CDC announced that 1 part per million (PPM) of chlorine is enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  The pools in this area are almost always maintained at 2-4 PPM.  

First of all, the City of South Lake Tahoe is still trying to decide if we are in the phase 2 or 3 of the state roadmap back to normalcy.  The city will try and bring back their staff and teach them the new state cleaning guidelines.  There will have to be some changes for us to stay safe.  I have heard several different and some conflicting things, but the one that is consistent is the very limited use of locker rooms.  There will be no changing in them.  The swimmers will have to come to the pool with their suits on and leave with them on as well.  They will be able to use the bathrooms but there may be additional guidelines for us to follow that come out later. 

The City of South Lake Tahoe still does not have a final date as to when we will actually get back to practices.  We may have to do expanded time slots to cut down on the total number of swimmers in the facility at one time.  The pools will also have a limited number of spaces available in the stands.  And they do recommend wearing precautionary apparel (such as masks) if in the stands.  All lifeguards will now have to wear masks.  

Here are some links that USA swimming has published on the topic of what types of plans should be used.


Update your team accounts:

Because of limited pool space due to the pandemic, we are requiring all team members to have their account in good standing to return to the pool.  If you have an outstanding balance, you will need to pay it before returning to the team.  You can also take this time to update your addresses, payment information, etc.


Swim Meets:

We will be doing a novice/intersquad meet in June as a fun meet for the kids.  Just to get back into the swing of things.   

Sadly, our “Swimming at Altitude” swim meet at the end of June is canceled.  Please start to help us lobby with the mayor and governing bodies to help the swim team out.  The revenue we receive from the meet helps run our team.  Please let me know if you have any additional ideas. 



Although we have not charged dues in the last two months, the team still has onging business expenses. Please help the team out and make a donation if you can.  Leave a note that it is for the Tahoe Swim Club.  Thank you.

 If you would like to donate, please follow the link below:


Safe Sport for Swimming:

USA swimming and Pacific swimming are requiring that all team, and members of those teams take Safe Sport training to help keep our athletes safe in swimming.  I have attached the information sheet for everyone to look at.  Please log in and take the course.  It will help our team become a Safe Sport recognized team.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.



We will continue to do Zoom online practices everyday.  We will do this at least until we get back in the pool.  I have had several requests to continue doing them through the summer, but we will see how our schedule shakes out first before we commit to that.


Summer Swimming:

We are still planning on doing our summer swim team so please let your friends know that they can swim this summer with us.  Signups are on our web site on the online registration tab.  They will open for signups tomorrow.