Glenwood Diving: Just think of what TIGER spirit will look like in 2021?

Hey Tigers,

This is not the news we ever dreamed of conveying on the night that should be our soft opening around the Glenwood waters. Instead, we are so so sad to say that MCDL has elected to cancel the 2020 MCDL season. It was based on the feedback from the survey across all of the league pools, as well as the recent announcements from the Governor and Montgomery County Executive concerning the status and and impact on our community. The league values the benefits of the summer league but found that given risks and general uncertainty it would not be feasible to hold a full or even shortened season. Our internal survey was supportive of a range of options for a season, support for continued diving, but also interest in how it would function without a full league in play.

At Glenwood, we are thankful that we do not have seniors that would miss their big year. For the seniors at other pools we expect that there will be an opportunity for them to come back in 2021 for a 2020 senior age group so that they can finish out what may have been many years of diving in the MCDL. Thankfully, we have great slate of our own rising seniors for 2021 and we can't wait to make their big hurrah that much more awesome!

In the meantime, here's what we have to offer:

  • Glenwood is ready to open - as soon as we have the Glenwood green light go ahead from the State and County, we are licensed, chlorinated and ready. Stay tuned - there will likely be a roar heard round the neighborhood when that day comes!
  • Glenwood is offering shop therapy - we are opening an online store with a few new items including our very own "Every Day Should Be This Good. At Glenwood" t-shirt! And as is the Glenwood way, we are on top of current fashion with Glenwood face masks. Look for notice in the next week - a suite of spirit wear will be available for purchase and direct delivery. 
  • Do you have your Glenwood suit ready? With or without a swim/dive season, you'll want to sport your colors! Capital Sport and Swim is (over)stocked with swimsuits a-plenty. Lois takes care of Glenwood, so if you can, help us take care of our local business and friend. Call CSS, 301-949-7366 and they'll get you set up!
  • We haven't given up on diving entirely. While we feel a bit stunned, we are thinking of options for an in-house dive program. Stay tuned as we mock up some options, perhaps in small groups, maybe mini meet(s). As we know more how the summer and pool safety protocols shape up, and in consultation with our fellow USA Diving and MDC resources, we'll see what what's possible.
  • Finally, please relay to every one of our divers how much our coaches miss the team and the season. As we heard from our swim teammates, just think of two years of Tiger spirit bottled up for 2021! It's going to be doubly awesome!

Hoping to see you all sooner than later, 

Ramona and Bernadette