CZ Diversity Committment

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We express our deepest sympathy to the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. We recognize structural racism in our society results in innumerable incidents where injustice results in harm and death That’s why we are doubling down on our efforts to ensure swimmers in the Central Zone understand our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Central Zone includes the below fifteen LSC’s and we are working together to create an environment where everyone is valued and welcomed.

Arkansas Swimming
Illinois Swimming
Indiana Swimming
Iowa Swimming
Lake Erie Swimming
Michigan Swimming
Midwestern Swimming
Minnesota Swimming
Missouri Valley Swimming
North Dakota Swimming
Ohio Swimming
Oklahoma Swimming
Ozark Swimming
South Dakota Swimming
Wisconsin Swimming

This includes:

Raising awareness and education levels on recognizing implicit/explicit biases, discriminatory practices and racism
Increasing training and development efforts for athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers
Leveraging existing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion resources from USA Swimming
Ensuring everyone participate in an open, inclusive, welcoming environment

We encourage you to get involved by:

Reaching out to your respective LSC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chairperson to volunteer your time and efforts
Speaking up when you witness or experience discrimination, bias or exclusion
Engaging dialogue with friends and family to better understand we have more similarities vs differences
Talking with your coaches about opportunities to raise awareness on your swim club
Reviewing existing USA Swimming DEI reference and training materials

Central Zone Board and LSC General Chairs