CZ General Chair Conference Call Notes - 06/03/2020




11:00 a.m. CDT


ZOOM Meeting





Call to Order

  • Pam Lowenthal, Central Zone Non-Athlete Director

  • Central Zone General Chairs; other officers of CZ

  • Roll Call - Attendees: Pam Lowenthal, Ann Watanabe, Carol Olson, Jeff Arce, Joseph Gazzarato, Judith Deedy, Robert Rettle, Van Donkersgoed, Michael White, John Bradley, Betty Kooy, Kevin Milak, Susan Mechler, Lisa Montplaisir, Vince Colwell, Tony Young, Martin Schmidt, Bobby Kelley, Terry Anchrum, Paul Thompson, Mark Hesse, Randy Julian,

Purpose of Meeting

  • To check with LSCs regarding current water status

  • USA Swimming Updates: Coalition, Grants, Surveys, Convention, Zone Workshops

  • CZ Zone Policy and Procedures Manual

  • Diversity Update

  • Disability Update

  • Sectional Meets

LSCs – What are you doing

  • LE – Vince Cowell: a lot of facilities not open; some that are open are not letting swim teams in; some looking for country club water;

  • IN – Tony Young: 40% no water; no openings in southern IN; HSs may open July 1; coaches with pro-active safety plan more chance of openings

  • ND – Lisa Montplaisir: range of pools open, particularly in west part of state; more flexible, 600 people in facility?; following guidelines; Fargo June 15; some outdoor openings; HS not opening; 2 teams with no water access at present

  • OH – Terry Anchrum: slowly opening; comprehensive plans; some opening Father’s Day weekend; must follow guidelines; maybe possibility of meets; slow and steady is the motto

  • MI – Joe Gazzarato: school districts closed all summer; most teams are out of the water; municipalities closed all summer; country clubs are possible, but some areas don’t have that option; encouraging outdoor activities as kids want the social interaction

  • IA – Bobby Kelley: swimming lessons and swim teams possible; very few operating; no colleges open to clubs

  • MV – Judith Deedy: few are in the water; come country clubs and parks and rec facilities; Kansas opening June 8-15; Y’s opening June 8; HS are closed; some municipalities are opening only one facility

  • OZ – Bob Rettle: things not so great; some outdoor facilities opening June 26; IL guidelines according to Jeff pools in Phase 4 but no guidance; St Louis June 15; Fall sports at HS’s may be on hold

  • WI – Van Donkersgoed: public pools still closed; request to governor to reconsider for swim teams; Schroeder is operating; another in northern WI; one person per lane; Milwaukee all closed; perhaps some lobbying may bring some change – political and economic rationale rather than health and well-being rationale

  • MN – Ann Watanabe: MN is hurting right now; governor issued new executive order last week regarding youth sports opening June 1; group lobbying for youth sports; efforts toward diversity and athletes felt it important to make a statement regarding the situation in MN and elsewhere
    John Bradley: there is a little hope regarding facilities opening; 1/5 of teams may be in water by next week; efforts of the amateur sports coalition; opportunity to get access to governor’s cabinet; currently in Phase 2; exceptions for some youth sports; swimming in Phase 3, one person per lane; challenging to get some teams/people to adhere to the guidelines

  • MW – Carol Olson: things sporadic in MW; 2 teams currently have some water, one more by June 15; Douglas County (Omaha area) still pretty closed except to non-contact sports – 25 people or 25% of occupancy; HS’s not opening, but there is a little bit of light

  • SD – Martin Schmidt: posted in chat; some open; some munic8ipalities not opening; issue of financial short-falls; some clubs have only 13 & O in water

USA Swimming Updates

  • Aquatics Coalition – working with many aquatics groups to get good information and present a united voice

  • Grant Applications – 317 clubs; money out last week; maximum of $5000.00 per club; more grant money may be available at the end of June; increased pool costs; pay for play and planning beyond budget; all clubs are encouraged to apply

  • USA Swimming Survey – sent to all clubs (club contact); only about 10% of respondents were back in water; hoping for 20%; clubs need to be encouraged to fill out the survey; next survey will request more information; opening of sanctions tied to the results of these surveys; need to contact Ys, LifeTimes, some municipalities and parks and recs -  coaches and employees were furloughed and have no access to email or club so need to be updated in SWIMS for ‘contact’

  • Convention Dates – September 24-26 – Virtual meetings; CZ will probably have only one meeting – virtual; USA Swimming working on secure voting process; CZ will have election for Non-Coach director and Secretary – Pam L will run for Non-Coach director; Betty Kooy is retiring from the Secretary position; note that USA Swimming has posted the minutes of the last BOD meeting and those were sent to all General Chairs

Central Zone Policy and Procedures Manual

  • CZ will no longer need Bylaws as it is not a 501(c)(3) entity; all four Zones are looking at a general policy and procedures manual with an appendix that will apply to each separate zone

CZ Coordinators

  • Diversity – Terry Anchrum

    • CZ needs to make a statement regarding current civil unrest; Terry is working on one which will let membership know where CZ stands regarding diversity and inclusion issues; we all have skin in the game; hoping to open a dialogue with LSCs and make sure all CZ LSCs buy into the statement; show a unified front from the CZ

    • Diversity Camp – Virtual Camp this Saturday – will be discussing ‘leadership’ with regard to diversity issues

  • Disability – Susan Mechler

    • Having monthly meetings with CZ Disability chairs – generally an open forum and sharing knowledge

    • Working on document for disability entry procedures

    • Four athletes working on social media leadership

    • Now has accurate list of LSC disability contacts

  • Sectional Meets – Pam and Michael

    • Questions regarding long-term goals of CZ sectional meets

    • Sec 3 had meeting Monday – mostly regarding Time Standards

    • Michael – question of how the three work together; other Zones seem to have their Sectionals with some semblance of cooperation; CZ is every section for itself

    • Mark – commented on the meeting in Chicago in 2000 where the LSCs of the three Sections were determined; Region 8 was going to do its own thing; decision was to let Sections 1 and 3 govern themselves

    • Questions regarding consistency, renegade meets; GCs need to talk to clubs as to how they feel about Sectional meets – one format or continue as different governance and formats

    • Some seem to be left out of the decision-making process; time to give everyone a voice?

  • Scholastic All America Announcement – Betty

    • Application is now open – encouraged GCs to encourage eligible athletes to apply

    • Looking at only 1st semester/term grades this year; 3.5 GPA; 2019 Winter Jr qual time

    • will get you to the application – must be logged in as an athlete

  • Notes/updates from Athlete Rep – Brad Jacobs

    • Zone athletes – shirt for each zone as a fundraiser; more info later

    • Rules and Regs – reviewed 29 pieces of legislation; Brad will be happy to discuss when available

    • CZ athlete social calls now monthly; athletes enjoy less structured programming; may add call that is more structured

    • Working to update CZ athlete contact list; will forward to CZ GCs for review/confirmation

    • Contact Brad if your LSC athlete is not receiving information from Brad



  • Pam – Another meeting? Maybe not July but August?
    Next meeting: August 12, 2020, 11:00 am CDT


  • Time: 12:15 p.m. CDT

  • Submitted by: Betty Kooy, CZ Secretary